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This page contains links to the various sites listed in mostly because we lose them. Got suggestions? Email me or use the Somewhat more Amazing Submit-o-matic!

One more thing, the troubles have struck the RHOD links. means a site is no longer responding.



The 12 second mini-van (I'm not surprised. I've seen the folks that drive these things.)
$3,000 Pudding for 1,000,000 Miles
Manic 404 (File Not Found, and it's not taking it very well)
405 (Thank God he didn't have Bridgestones)
Abe Books
Accidental Pregnancy Insurance
Acts of Gord ("Some people shouldn't let their kids out.")
Ad to recruit teachers (a cigar smoking fish & a talking matchbook. I'll stick with nuns.)
Airport Fun (I think I used to work with Mr. DeBazted)
Alanis Lyric Generator
Alex Chiu's Eternal Life Device (I guess he's never gotten a complaint from a user of a defective product...)
Alien Nation Homepage
Aliens are Stealing our Pants (What? Like I can add anything to that?)
All your base are belong to us (Funny then goofy then tired then... my God, when will the hurting stop!?!?) Homepage thingy (Almost, but not quite, completely sodded (but only in the nicest way))
American Science & Surplus (Ever wonder where they get stuff for the National Park gift shops?)
American Council for Headache Education
Amy's Answering Machine (Concerned comments from mom)
Anabu-ki-chan (Grandma, what big ... say, you're not grandma, are you?)
And the Bride Wore... (It's lovely dear. No, really....)
AOL just got sleazier (Click on the AOL link)
AOLiza (Remember Kids, Half of the Turing Test is your intellegence)
Arcata Eye (Little paper, big attitude)
Archie McPhee
Archive of misheard lyrics
Area 51 Current weather map
Arnie impersonator (Minutes of fun for everyone.)
Arrogant Bastard Ale
Ask Jeeves Interview
The Atlanta Roadways Digest (Buncha nifty 'TARDs) vote index page
Augusta Oelschig (and why she's interesting)
Aura Workspace Environs (US$7,769, and nowhere to tape up Far Side cartoons!?)
I Love Bacon (A collection of just plain weird crap)
Bad Hair Day forecast (Odd, it's strobing red right over my bathroom...)
Bad Candy (An apertif to Regrettable Food, I guess)
Ban Breast-Feeding Now! (I don't care if Billy's only two weeks old, That's a good steak!)
Bandwidth Tester (Check how much bandwidth you can waste)
Bannertown (future sponsors of RHODLinks?)
Barbie Liberation Organization (Vengeance is mine, Skipper!)
Visible Barbie Project (Personally, I think it would have gone better if he worked in a Deli)
Barbie PC (Sarah honey, Your Barbie PC won't be coming because Santa filed Chapter 13)
Bare Naked Ladies
Battle of the Planets
Beakman's World (Hey Kids, learn about farts and mucus)
Behind Enemy Lines (Never, ever Spam a Hacker)
Belief-o-matic (With a quiz like this? Who needs Hari-Krishnas?)
Belly Inflation (You'll never look at tire pumps the same again)
Bentspace (Spam ET)
Best of RHOD
Bibleman (Holy Deuteronomy, Bibleman!)
Billy "Smiles" Evans (A little boy who needs some body)
Bizarre Stuff (exploiting the dangers of the modern kitchen can be fun!)
Bloom County Web Ring (and an interview with Berke Breathed)
Blue Moon Schedule (Helping plan your unlikely events)
Bob & Tom Radio Show
BOFH (Live the dream...)
British TV Comedy Database
Britney Spears' guide to Semiconductor Physics
Buckaroo Banzai Script ("Look at this! What is This?" "It's your hand, Buckaroo")
Building a Successful First Person Shooter
Burning a NeXT cube (They make them out of magnesium and don't expect anyone to set them on fire?)
Bush or Chimp ("This is a little project I decided to start, once I realized how much George W. Bush looks like a chimpanzee")
C'Thulu Quake 3 (Elder Gods with Rail Guns!! COOL!!)
Can 'o' whoopass (Open one today!)
CaneMasters (kung-fu anti-"gimp" devices)
Cannot find smut (I Sooo want to have this as the 404 page for a couple of sites I know.)
Cat Bathing as a Martial Art (I've got a cat and a squirt bottle, and I'm not afraid to use either of them.)
CAT User Manual
Cataloging Porn at the University of Toronto (I heard a kid died from that. (the cataloging))
Catapult (Here kitty,kitty. There s'more kitty, kitty.)
CellPhone Scanner (Krissy? Do you, like, get the feeling that, like, someone is listening and stuff?)
Cement Cuddlies (damn spelling mistoke. fixed) (Way, way more then you ever really wanted to know about cheese)
Chew Chew (the Flesh Eating Robot)
Chez Blaspheme (I love the first item on the Dessert menu...)
Chicks with Dicks homepage
Chocolate covered Salt Pork Candybars (The Anti-Twix: Two for you, none for me.)
Christian Candy (My semi-sweet Lord with marshmallow filling!)
The Chronicles of George (Welcome to tech support hell.....)
Classic Commercials Archive (so this is how I spent my youth...)
Clone Jesus (Making the Son of God a guinea pig. Oh, and they're serious.)
Code for 99 bottles of Beer on the wall (Just make sure you code with the volume turned down.)
Consumption Junction (What's your dysfunction?)
Copyright Myths
The Cosmic Spectrum (III E Gamma... I think I'll paint the Universe III E Gamma...)
CPU War (If you thought Apple vs. Microsoft is a new thing....)
Cryptography for Dummies (Dtipk"yqut Qvclvipe")
Custom Mach 5 (Chim-chim not included)
Daily Almanacs (Stuff what happened when)
Dancing with Cats (Sadly, they're not kidding.)
Dancing Pawly (When Ego and Idocy meet, there's Shockwaves)
Dangerous Labs (These guys have WAY too much free time...)
Darth Maul Mows the Yard (Surrender to the dark side of gardening...)
Darwin's Origin of the Species
Datapimp E-mail (If you're going to have an automated .sig, why not for
DDate man page (Trust Bob.)
The Dead Media Website (A collection of research notes from beyond the fringe)
Demonology (There's a specific deamon for Thursdays?)
Dennis Miller
Destroying the Internet (That's it then, see you guys...)
The Devil's Dictionary
Disturbing Auctions (Personal Fave: the hatchling monkey...)
DJ Licker (and she's proud of it too... (So much so she got her own domain))
DMP Big Band (It's got a lovely ring to it...)
Dog Poop on-line ordering
Dolphins: FAQ on Mating (by a guy who really appreciates nature)
Don't Save Karyn (It's not that they've already blown it, they're just looking ahead.)
Dr. Demento on the Net (Wind up your computer, Dementities and find webcasts playing Dr. Demento)
Dread Pirate Half-Arse ("Le Golif, Louis")
Dress Up Jesus (More stuff that's wrong in so many ways)
Dull Men's Club
Earthquake, as artist (Sure, it's pretty, but it's a Damn expensive technique...)
Easter Date Calculator (Proof that science and religion don't mix)
The Eclectic Eel
Edward Lear's Nonsense Works (Victorian Wit of the silly kind)
Einstein's Fridge (Keep up to date with headless chickens and glowing pickles (one of the few sites here you can send to your Mom))
El Chupacabra On-Line
Elder Gods Dance (C'Thulu got rhthym...)
EMF Safety Garments
The Empire that was Russia (Color pictures of 1910 Russia before color film was invented. Beautiful stuff!)
English to Latin Dictionary (Oh yeah? Well guess what's written all over that honda...)
ePasquinade (yet another source for eD lynn's odd slant on reality)
Eric Conveys an Emotion (Fortunately, he's got nothing on Shatner)
The Eurovision Song Contest Page (Salvadore Dali, Franz Kafka, I tell you, they missed out,)
Evil Twin Comics
The Fart Experiment (Eight year olds can fart on command? The kid has talent!)
Fat Girl Comics ("the zine for fat dykes and the women who want them")
Fatwah Sam's (You know, he's the only person that ever actually wanted> to be on this list...)
Female or Shemale. (I only got 9 out of 16 on my first try. Thank GOD I'm married. (to a woman, thank you!))
Fenton, the sheep from hell (Deathsheep?)
Feral Cheryl (Offensive Body Odor sold seperately.)
Fibromyalgia Sites
Fighting Fish Robot (Yeah, sure, really peaceful and harmless 'til they figure out how to fire the lasers)
Find the Black Dot.
Fish Puns
Flame Warriors (Classify friends, neighbors and random folks)
The Flaming Pop-Tart Experiment (Proof that PHd's and toasters, just don't mix.)
Flexible computing (Rolling up the laptop)
Flexnet (Ask us about our tech support!)
Flossie, the most beautiful sheep in the world. (Priestly dream date.)
Fortune files
Freck's New Feet (a guy, a guillotine, but soon no feet)
Frosty's WWII poster fun page (It's a long way from tasteful parody)
:-(® (a registered trademark of Despair, Inc.)
Fucked Company (The dotcom deadpool)
Fun at Chucky Cheese
Fun Facts about Canada (for touring Americans and don't miss the Inexplicable Object of the Week)
Furby Hooker Network
Furniture Porn
Fuzzy Logic Functions (I'm pretty sure Perl 6 has three of these)
Galaxy OnLine
Gallery of Regrettable Food
Geek Code (And the decoder)
Geographic Names Information System (When you need to find where you're looking for when you don't know what it is. (or something))
George Gobel's Home page (The guy who lights barbeque grills with liquid oxygen)
George Meyer - Taking Humor Seriously (Simpsons Ghostwriter, damn funny guy.)
Glen Darth, Glen Denning ("Frogs are for closers")
GlobZ (more Nifty ways to blow time)
GlueTrain (funnier if you know Cluetrain)
God Hates Figs (makes me feel sorry for Sir Isaac Newton...)
Google Labs (Find junk in new and disturbing ways)
The Green Tortoise Bus Line ("It's a bus line with a history. _And_ a lot of style. And a hostel or two." --HK) (oh wait, the last one's real. Send me the parody sites..)
Hackin' Billy Bass (And a new world of evil decends upon Wal*Mart)
Halloween Costume Ideas (Beats ruining another good sheet again)
Hamster Assassin (Deepadeepadee BANG)
Harry Potter Slash (Suddenly, the movie's popularity takes on a WHOLE new meaning...)
Hats of Meat ("One always looks neat, in a hat made from meat")
Heavens Above
Hello Kitty Handgun (Oooh, MoOOom can I have one, pleeEEEEeeeEEEEeeeese!?)
Hello Kitty Tarot
Hello Kitty Vibrator (One way to make a kitty purr.)
Hello Kitty Vibrator2 (Because sometimes, one is just not enough.)
Hello Kitty 40,000 (Hello, Armageddon!)
Helloween Tribute site (someone actually likes them...)
Heromachine Online Character Generator (Sadly, it was missing the one critical element from my character, flab.)
Hissyfits (Rants and raves from the greater unwashed)
The history of weights & measures (Sadly, "buttload" is not mentioned)
The Home Page of Peter Pan (Steven King? Clive Barker? Let me tell you, they ain't got nothing on this guy...)
Horny Remover (I think she's rubbing the wrong part.)
The Horrible Affliction Test
How to Cook a Person the Aztec Way (Have someone for dinner tonight!)
How Stuff Works (Cool site that explains... well...)
How to be obnoxious in French (Bonne Chance, mes cretins. )
How to decode a DVD, in Haiku (WAYthe hell too much free time...)
How to write unmaintainable code (Sadly, I think a fair number of folks follow this)
Hugh Gallagher's College Essay (Oh yeah? Well, I can leap tall bullets and am faster than a speeding building)
Human Virus Scanner. (Mr. Jones? You're suffering from acute UNIX syndrom. There's no cure, sorry. Hey! Stop dancing, this is serious!)
Hunting Retards (Written by an understadably 'ex'-employee)
Hyakugojyuuichi!! (Nope, I don't understand it either.)
iBrator (That ain't no sledgehammer...)
Information Unlimited (Supplies for Mad Scientists)
Infrequently Answered Questions
Internet Intellegence Test (Like we need a test to determine this)
The Internet Oracle Home page (Start here for all your Internet Oracle Questions...)
Iowa Attractions (featuring Albert's giant concrete gonads)
Jack Chick Comics
The Jargon File (It's Back!)
Jelly Belly Home Page (Not as good as Jolly Rancher, but they give free samples!)
Jet Powered Beer Cooler (Well I suppose that's one way, but LOX is quieter...)
Jewish Vampires (Jewish Goth?)
Jo's Completely Factual and Not At All Juvenile Guide for Americans Visiting Britain (I should see if I can link this on the London Page. Very useful...)
John Names (What happens when a bored Perl programmer stubles across a copy of the script to "Buckaroo Banzai")
Julia Child Uncensored (it must be all that rum)
Kaiju Big Battel (1 part Professional Wrestling, 2 parts H R Pufnstuf) (SERIOUSLY cool webmap)
Keds Masturbation Manual (Warning: Sadly, this is very explicit)
Killer Japanese Seizure Robots! (The music matches what plays in my head...)
Kingdomality Test
Kippon (Keeping yarmulkes in place since 1986)
Lake Edun (Mind your cooler)
Large Penis Support Group
Last Meal Requests (I'm amazed by the healthy food requests...)
Lego Palm Pilot (Definitely follow the links.)
Lego Legacy (Lego people who aren't, but really should be.)
LEGO Darth (Seven feet of pure geeky delight)
Lego Porn? (What? You expect anything I can say to top that?)
Lehman's Non-Electric Catalogue (Serving the needs of both the Amish and Californian)
Leon's Random Generator (THEY APTLY LAMINATE HORS DE OUVRES... )
Letter of Resignation (What)
Letter Grades for the World's Flags (Betsy, Honey, I know you like the look, but seriously, we need to talk style.)
Levers (Friggin, birds....)
Lichen haiku (If you be likin' haiku...)
Lightning triggered by a flying airplane (Two guesses what that yellow stream is afterwards)
Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Motherboard ((Check supercooling on the site))
Lunix movie on Something Awful (A proud statement of American Education.DO NOT STEAL MY WORK OR ITS HAX0RING TIEM!!!)
Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
Mad Shark! (Anti-sushi. (Ok, more like Uncle Sushi, but you'll understand...))
Magic Mister T (Reply Hazy, Try again later, fool!)
Magnetic resonance imaging of male and female genitals during coitus and female sexual arousal (...and knowing is half the battle)
marilyn hanson (the first bubblegum pop death metal industrial musical group)
Lego Matrix (The "dodging bullets" one is just wrong...)
MC Hawking's Crib (Drop some science on yo' ass)
Medical Band Names (Putting the Pen back into Pen-pall)
The Megway (... and much nicer to take home with you)
Milkmen: Fathers Who Breastfeed (You know, some folks will try anything to get rid of whiteheads...)
Miniture Donkeys
miss.Dynamite (America's Favorite Ruthless Terrorist (Collect the action figures!))
Mission Thunderbolt Sequel
Mister Methane (Wait, that's a superpower? Hand me a burrito, I'm fightin' crime!)
Mobster Name Generator (I never knew there was a formulae)
Moller (Since 1983, and they still have yet to sell one..)
Mondegreens Ripped My Flesh (Misheard Lyrics and more information than you wanted to know.)
Monty Python in Australia (Autstralia,Autstralia,Autstralia, we love you, Amen!)
More Flying Rod Fun (I still think Mr. Stewart is involved with these things...)
Morgan Kolb's list of most forgettable movies ("The immortal story of what would happen if the Phantom of the Opera was gay.")
Mr. T vs Everything (Click that link now, Foo!)
My Cat Hates You (All I can say is that "Elvis" needs time away from the Trailer Park)
My Pet Gangster (yeah, but it doesn't mug other tamagotchi)
Nancy Friday
Napster BAAAD! (Go now before the lawyers find out...)
National Center for Biotechnology Information (Genome Project) (My God, We've been open sourced!)
Nerds'R'Us (I feel so much better about myself now...)
The new primary color, Squant (Hey, it's not a primary color until Crayola makes the Crayon)
Ninja Burger (Dine now, or suffer the consequences)
Non-monogamy 101 (Expert advice on foolin' around)
Nuclear Blast Mapper (Find out if your day would be ruined)
Numenor (A great many folk, set to whacking themselves with foam covered sticks. Urbana tis a silly place.)
Nut-hunting squirrel flattens amateur inventor (cute, fluffy big eyed Bringers of DOOM!)
The Obsolete Computer Museum (How many do You own?)
Odd-Todd's Day in the life of an ex-dotcom (I don't know about you, but I'm loading up on fudge stripe cookies and pringles.)
Off the Deep End (What? even more Kitch? You betcha...)
Oh my God, There's an axe in my head (Handy phrase for world travellers.)
Old Testament Text Adventure (You've got Pottage, and a few boils.)
On Line Dictionaries
OnceFamous (Ever wonder what happened to... Ok, well, probably not, but if you did this would be invaluable.)
One night with Bert & Ernie (A loving, yet horribly wrong, tribute)
One Look (Lots and lots of dictionaries!)
Online Bible (Brought to you by....)
Opera Browser
Operation "Dear Jack" (How to send a MP to Prison using e-mail)
Oragami Boulder (Ancient art of master folders. Really frustrated master folders.)
Ouchy the Clown (It's the "Meeting Facilitator" part I'm most curious about) (Please don't sue me. I'm just the pointer.)
Palm Pilot Bot (Hmm, an RCX just seems cheaper really...)
PawSense (Keeping Kitty from FatPawing your system.)
PDF to HTML converter (Looks like crap, but you can read it...)
Peep Shows (also try Peep Gallery and Peep Jousting)
Peep Surgery
The Periodic Coffee Table of Elements (Do you need coasters for this kind of thing, or can you just use gallium?)
Personalized Action Figures (But your head won't be as squishy as Ken's)
Pictures of Paul Kelly
Pikachu Torture Engine (I just can't stop clicking on these...)
Pinstruck (Send a curse to someone you love)
The Pitch Drop Experiment (Averaging a mighty eight and a half years per drop...)
Placenta Recipes
Plot-o-matic (Yahwehzilla...)
Plush Animal Sex Mini-FAQ (Ah, so that's the reason Tickle Me Elmo sold so well...)
PotNoodle (More Pot than noodle...)
PRA Rotorcraft
Prison Bitch Name Generator (Welcome to Cellblock H, Lemme log in an' get cho name.)
Project Orange Anonymous Remailer. (Tell the ones you love to bugger off.)
The R. Buckminster Fuller FAQ
Random Name and Title Generator (This page brought to you by the letters Æ and Þ, and the number e1)
Random Web Search ("A site to help you locate other web sites that might not have occurred to you before")
A Rant (A truly beautiful diatribe about USENET)
rate my mullet
Reading PERL Regular Expressions
Real Doll (Real Sheep, Real Hampster I get, but what's with Real Estate?)
The Real Squid/Herpes Project (JIM denies all responsibility, but we know better)
Remembering Pierre Trudeau
Reverse Dictionary
RHOD Who's Who (Pictures and captions and rantings, oh my...)
the RHOD FAQ. (No, really!) (We come not to praise this in-joke, but to bury it...)
The RHOD Traffic Report
Rhodnius Prolixus (The broken link under "Rhodnius prolixus" -- it moved, here is its new location (thanks to erik))
Riders in the Sky
Riding the Bullet (Steven King's online novel)
Riding the Tsunami
Rocket Car (I don't care if it's true or not, I love this story...)
Roguelike Game Timeline (Guvf vf n fvgr?)
RTFM Help page (Very helpful, especially to others...) (Betcha he's got a Journey 8-track in his race car...)
Sailor Jim (and the Callahan's Web Ring)
Salary Comparisions
Santa Permit (But it still means him doing over Mach 32 at less than 100 ft.)
SBS - the voice and vision of multicultural Australia (Featuring, QUADS: Animated, quadriplegic sitcom fun!) (Sure, but do they accept WWII machinegunners in their recreation of the Battle at Culloden Moor? Nooooooo.... ok 03/19/00 101 Ways to be Obnoxious on Usenet 101 )
Schoolhouse Rock (words, music, videos, joy....)
'Scuse me, while I kiss this guy (The story behind the story that Paul Harvey will never tell anyone.)
Sealand (Nation, sovereignty, off-shore platform)
Seattle Monoliths (Ok, it's 2001, but shouldn't that be on the moon?)
Sewer Alert (Alligators in New York? You should be so lucky...)
Sheila's Home Page (From Pin-head Hello Kitty to S&M Teddies,it's wrong on so many levels)
"Sheild's Up" Firewall Page
Shel Silverstein
Sheldon Brown's Tork-Grip ("That's my default mental image for 'bearded male rhodite'..." - J.Willoughby )
Shroud of Bozo
The Skeptics Annotated Bible (Proving once and for all that the best way to write is never dictation)
Sleeve Archive (But they don't show the back of the Beagle Bros. one!!)
Slime Vollyball (It's Diddly Volley playin' Slimes (requires java))
Small Beef Breeds
Smirking Chimp (Another Bush whacking site.)
So You've Decided to be Evil.... (Plans, Abodes, and Fashion tips for the Beneficially Challenged)
So You've Decided to be Evil 2 ("Congratulations on your decision to join the forces of darkness!")
SoloTrek Personal Jet Pack
Sore Thumb Coaster (Five friends, Two K'Nex kits, One absent wife)
Space Moose
Spaced Penguin (Rubberbands, gravity and semi-frozen poultry.)
Spam Mimic (send YOUR secret messages, the annoying way!!!) (The Technology, The Man, The Monkey...)
Split Penis (caution, pretty damn oogy!)
Spocktails (Great names for very odd beverages.)
Squirrel Nut Dance
St. Baldrick's Day (A worthy cause, even if there isn't any rat in it...)
Stair Dismount (Porrasturvat) (Pushing people down the stairs, no terrible secret from space required)
Star Trek TNG/ X-Men crossover ('tis a silly book)
Star Wars in Text (type starwars)
Star Wars Toy Prototypes That Failed Miserably (Ah, the glory days of cheap burning plastic...)
Stor Self Maker (Paperdolls for the new generation)
Student Cookbook
Sulabh International Museum of Toilets
Summoner Geeks (I don't know what's sadder, the dialog or the fact that someone used game characters to animate it.)
Sumo Sailor Moon (In person appearances can be so disappointing.)
Surrealist Compliment Generator
Sushi Fortune Telling
Swan songs
Swedish Slot car racing (Slots without having to redo the basement.)
T-Bone's Stress Relief Aquarium
Tales for the l33t (Not an acceptible replacement for reading your homework assignment.)
Tanks 2 U
Tattoo Removal (no, not the short guy on Fantasy Island)
Themes in Contemporary Analytic Philosophy (No it t'isn't)
They Fight Crime (No this isn't where I get my story ideas, (maybe)) (listen to what They say.)
Things extracted from people's asses (...because gerbils are so mainstream now)
Things that have been sold in Vending Machines
Things his girlfriend and he had argued about (See how many you can check off!)
Think Geek (crap for geeks)
This Page Cannot Be Displayed (and it sucks.)
Time Cube (Well, that's just evilly stupid, stupid evil. (but he gets points for lots of different font tags))
TOD: Tetanus On Drugs (This is Tetris. This is Tetris on Drugs. Man, do I have questions...)
Tom Swiftie (And would you believe an annoted list?)
Tortured Troll ((Adult Ads)One day you're a crappy prize at a Chuck E. Cheese, the next, well, let's not go into detail)
Tourettes Barbie (Is it me or does Barbie sound like Emo Phillips?)
towboat (Eh, drawbridges are for sissies)
TrailerParkPage (Kids, learn the rules. porn popups are very bad)
Triangle and Robert
Trichotillomania Learning Center
Tubbiwars (The Tinky Menace)
Tubular Web (Official site of all things Tubular and Bell-like)
Two in the hand
U.S. Subs (betcha the Coast Guard loves these...)
Ugly Rooms for Beautiful People (My wife loves Better Homes and Gardens. Hopefully this will scare sense into her.)
Unisex Purity Test
US Patent & Trademark Search Engine
Useless Creations (More stuff you don't need (sub. by Carl Englund))
Valley Speak Translator
Victor Navone's 3D animation gallery (Click on "Alien Song")
Virtual Slide Rule (sorry, no virtual pocket protector)
Visible Mars Bar Project (Not quite Bad Candy, but an amazing simulation)
Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me Archive (YIPEE!! I can finally listen after I remember the show is on.)
Walter's Mission (It's clicks for chicks)
Warehouse23 (It's like a Zen Flea market.)
Watch Screwtape at work (except for the fact that he's in Austrailia)
Watching Paint Dry Webcam (Three breath-taking views)
A web page wasted on Tom Leher (Go there now. No questions.)
WebElements periodic table of the elements
What kind of general are you? (I got Mills. I think they don't like me very much.)
What breed of dog are you?
Where are the toons now? (Sex and drugs and somehting-artistic-that-ends-in-"al")
White Cheerleader Epiphanies (So, like, I think I am... or something)
WhooHoo dialect translators (Oi believe dis til be aboyt as useless as a chocolate taypot an' jus as addictive.)
Will Hertes Letters (A modern day Lazlo Toth)
Windows CE Me NT (three great systems that bond closely.)
Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Egg ("Honey, have you seen the garage remote?" "oh, YES!! YES!! YES!!!!")
A Woman's Guide on How to Pee Standing
Words (Probably won't help your scrabble score by much...)
World Wide Wank (Now you *will* have heard it called that before)
World Wide Words (Investigating international English from a British Viewpoint)
World Rock, Paper, Sissors Society (Learn fascinating fun facts about this age old goofy game and the people with time on their hands to research it.)
The worst job (Quote: I never thought I'd be giving an orang-utan a hand job every morning)
WTC/Pentagon Disaster Satellite shots (I don't think it's DMP's page. He admitted it.)
The Xtal Set Society (Crystal Radio Sets. They're not just for cereal boxes anymore...)
Yahoo Disease And Condition Lookup
Yahooka, but follow-up
Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries Presents (Free Text Poetry for those not suffering seizures. Yet anyway...)
zadoc (the Oracle groveller^Wbrowser)
Zany Video Game Quotes (A winner is YOU! (and the origin of "All your base are belong to us"))
Zippy Meets Meta-HTML (Are we having Non-Sequitors with Strawberry Jam yet?) (A couple of years ago, they would have gotten $2.4 mil.)
The URL. (It's really offensive. and I don't recommend you look at it.)


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