Like Caution! Spoilers and Stuff!!

So like isn't this the coolest ?? After I sent in the registration fee and stuff they sent back all these slick papers and stuff. Tré spiff, no? So to keep things as spiffy, I've decided to change how I fill you guys in on what's happened so far. Nothing major, just trying to make things look as slick and professional. Maybe I'll even get a job as a reporter someday *^_^*. So anyway, here's what's going on so far...

26 So like in Chapter 26 Chris and JB find out they're like action figures that look really nifty even though they're just dolls and JB is like way smaller than he is in real life which is kind of annoying if you're JB but then it switched to me (^_^!!!) and they like showed what one of our fan club meetings were like and how we all supposedly follow these rule thingys made up by a guy named Robert but like there's no Robert in the fan club, although I really wouldn't mind if he like were to join considering how he's like totally hot and stuff, but then the story switched to some like farmer guy talking about how he got scared by some guy with a radio in his potato field which I think was an alien and might have been Zrng but it definitely wasn't Krullux because he was on the phone calling one of his generals, but the funny thing was that Krullux called the general collect instead of like paying for his own call or like calling him on a cell phone or something. Hey, I wonder if like the general is like the really funny guy on those TV commercials?

27 And then in Chapter 27 there was this like news report where a guy kinda went off the deep end talking about curling and some like religious skink hearder or something but then like someone must have accidentally switched the channel to CSPAN or something because there was this like dull guy talking about some Facility out in the middle of like nowhere that is having all kinds of problems, but it's not and I'm just glad it's not near me, but then things got better again because it switched back to Chris and JB but they were just like sitting around watching TV and surfing the net finding out stuff about Zrng, but I think that if they wanted to know stuff they should like ask Robert because like he's really smart about stuff like that and I know he's good with computers because like I've never seen him lose at playing solitare in the computer lab but then Bob read this ad in the classifieds for someone looking for something called an "FTL" engine which makes him want to go take a walk and Zrng gets mad enough to make dinner. (Whoa! Like whenever Mom gets mad at me, she like makes me cook.) But then the like CSPAN thing came back on which I kind of tuned out.

28 Ok, so like in Chapter 28 we find out that Bob apparently didn't get a chance to finish his walk since he got picked up by the Y-Guys which I'm guessing was a bit of a suprise to him considering that they had him strapped down and everything, but worse yet the mental chick tried to do that weird mind reading thing on him, but she like couldn't because Bob like managed to block her (which like can't be that hard because there was this mental guy that like showed up in school and could read everyone elses minds except mine so I'm guessing that Bob must be like me which I guess is either cool or creepy depending on your point of view) and then we read this note that Zrng sent in off to his boss about what happens which is kinda like the fourtythousandth time that the author has drilled that in (Like OK, I get it!) but then it breaks off to like Chris going and totally kicking butt on a bunch of thugs which totally ruled even though they call him Bob which I didn't really understand, but then it switched over to JB being all super sneaky guy trying to peek into Zrng's shuttle which while I guess was important I'm hoping it wasn't interfereing with Zrng's "quality time" or anything, but then they left because they felt the ground shake and saw something.

29 Omigod,omigod,omigod you are NOT going to believe what happened!! Like the absolute totally best thing in the world!! Like Robert, the totally hot guy I talked about like asked me on a date, AAAAA!!! I was all like no way inside but like totally cool on the outside. Ok, ok, anyway back to the news. (Ohmigod, I'm like so totally excited!!) So like in Chapter 29 JB tells Chris about the big Viking shadow he saw and they go to Annie's to get some extra supplies and stuff and they talk about boyscouts and then there was this travelog like thing about the Papas valley and how they make really good Potato chips and do you think that Robert and I should like go there for a romantic date because that would be just the most beautiful thing and the meet up with this guy from Europe who offers to help them out and they say yes and so I can't wait to go to the dance Saturday!! ^_^!!!!!! ;D!!!

30 The dance was TOTALLY romantic!! Robert like picked me up in his cute little Chevy that he must have just washed and took me out to dinner at Chez Gueverra (oh, and like don't ask for grape juice there, WAY bad idea) Ooh, like in Chapter 30 where Chris and JB spend time at some seedy restaurant talking about the big battle they had with the giant Viking guy where they won but then it shifted to some place in Canada that I can't remember that was interested in a bunch of vans or something, oh and then things switched over to somewhere in Oregon where the Ferrite Chef met up with this Japanese Greek guy (or maybe it was a Greek Japanese guy) who taught him all kinds of magical cooking stuff and this guy got fired from Starbucks which is where Robert took me after the dance and bought me the nummiest frapachino from a guy who was wearing like army fatigues. Like how 90's can you get?


OMIGAWD!! Apparently this story and another one called The Files of Hydrogen Guy are doing some sort of crossover which I suppose means they're wearing womens clothes or something which I suppose is kind of oogy unless your Scottish. Anyway, here's the thingy I wrote for that:

Ok, so like, here goes. Like last time (that's like in Chapter 30)Chris and JB (they're like the guys from the cool story I write for) were battling an evil pastry when they run into these two science geeks named Jim Evans and David Marcolin (who is like, totally hot by the way, but not as hot as Chris or Robert) who pour coffee on the pastry thing to kill it but then it turns out that JB recognized Jim for being like this total brain guy and got excited before Chris dragged him out and then we find out about this guy named Mark who I think is like at my school who's even more a geek and fixes computers by feeling them up which was a bit oogy but then these guys named Hydrogen Guy and Deuterium Boy stop by Chris and JB's and yell Happy Kwanza which I think is some Canadian holiday or something andJB gets even more excited because Hydrogen Guy is like his all time biggest hero which Chris could care less about because he like just totatlly avoids the living room where the other three are listening to Hydrogen Guy rambling about his exploits and then we find out that Hydrogen Guy and Deuterium Boy are like the Jim and David guys from eariler and they talk about what a total grump Chris is (which I like kind of agree about) but then we switch back to that Mark kid who messes around with the stoplights before he goes home.

31 ½ And over at Chapter 73 (which is actually over on the Hydrogen Guy site and yes I know it's like totally confusing but you should be used to that) we find out that like David Marcolin (who is like Deuterium Boy) has a head cold which I can totally understand because I get like bitchin' allergies in the spring time but then Hydrogen Guy starts finding these little yellow sticky notes (which means that DB's probably doesn't have any allergies because they'd probably be more green than yellow) that say "Who are you" in all these different handwriting styles which kind of freaks him out but then David starts acting all weird and doing freaky things like accounting so Hydrogen Guy goes and asks this like really old school superhero about what's going on and the guy (who's like not Hydrogen) is like 'Hey, I know you dude!' and figures out that one of the notes belongs to a guy he knew from waaaaay back called The Detective. Hydrogen Guy puts one and four together and figures that DB is now possessed by the Justice Furlong. So they head back down to Boise.

32 Ok, so like where was I? Oh yeah! So in Chapter 32 Hydrogen Guy and JB show up in Boise and start talking to Chris and JB about what they think is happening but then Chris cops this like total 'tude and ticks off Hydrogen Guy before he storms out of the loft (which is like a good thing because HG would have probably given him a case of the bends or something) when like this totally new guy named N, who's not so new to Hydrogen Guy as he is to me, shows up and holds a meeting in DB which again is kinda super weird and probably more than a little uncomfortable for DB but he says that HE was the one that switched DB and JB's powers and that there's some new silicon elemental wandering around Boise that some really old guy in Canada wants to kill because they looked at him funny. Or something. Anyway, Chris winds up beating up the Mark guy because Mark goofed with Chris' video game box which I'm guessing proves that video games do lead to violence, but then the Mark guy wants to get back at Chris so he breaks into the loft where he sees Zrng and passes out. Zrng winds up stuck with Mark for a while before Mark sneaks out of the closet he's stuffed into and finds an alien device that's kinda like the one that zapped Chris and Bob and of course proceeds to zap himself with it by accident before he escapes.

32 ½

So then in Chapter 74, Chris manages to save Hydrogen Guy and JB... like, did I mention that JB turned into gas and evaporated only to have HG evaporate as well to chase after them while DB busted through the roof of the elevator that they were all stuck in after the most recent unexplained earthquake that had been rocking Boise and then HG and JB had suddenly materialized again just short of the sparking wire that would have ignited JB only to plummet forty or so feet to the hard metal where DB and Chris were standing? No? Geez, I like totally spaced on that didn't I?

Anyway so Chris saves them by flinging out this like super sized version of Leggs pantyhose except they were supposed to be pantyless hose (which is like no where near as oogy as the fact that they were sticky as well) but then Chris and HG climb their way out of the shaft while DB explains to JB (Hey! Like their initials rhyme, that's soo cute!) what a really bad guy this Hans Raoul is and how any elemental wouldn't be safe so long as Hans Raoul thought he was alive, and Chris and HG have another like little fight where Chris gets another whack by the ol' clue-by-four and Hydrogen Guy says that it's not his fault either that he's were he is but then Hydrogen Guy figures that DB can handle Chris better while he and JB figure out how to better use JB's powers, and DB finally talks some sense into Chris' head before they find out that the earthquakes aren't normal (duh) but actually might be the work of the silicon elemental dude and HG and JB head off to do what comes naturally for Canadian Heroes which generally involved trashing a coffee house (Like I've been to Hallowed Grounds and it is so totally a goth place!) but they make this like elemental joy buzzer out of sand and water before they all meet at T.O.I.J's for dinner and Chris calls Hydrogen Guy a fathead.

Oh, And I got a profile page! YAY!! ^.^


Ok! Ok! I'm like a total spaz and didn't get my summaries in for the last chapter, but I've been like super busy ^.^ and I'll try to tell you all about it. First let's get through the summaries, 'k?

Ok in Chapter 33, Bob finds Mark like totally passed out in the road but doesn't know that Mark is like Mark as in the kid that can do the weird elemental stuff but Bob takes him back to his place to make sure that Mark's like ok and stuff which is kinda nice for a guy who's supposed to be evil and all, and Mark is like "that's soo cool" and even fixes up Bob's computer so it's totally bitchin which makes Bob even more suspicious that Mark might be more than Mark so he fires up his newly fired up computer and like bips out to a few folks, but then we see this like total model like chick who's helping out some big time baddie up in Canada named Robyn, (no the chick, not the dude, because otherwise he'd probably have a buddy named Bruce or something and that would be totally weird) and she's looking for Bob and they meet up on the beach, which would normally be pretty romantic except for the fact that Bob isn't like into her at all because he's more into his own wife which is so like TOTALLY romantic and all but then later they meet up again in a warehouse with Mark hiding behind some crates while Bob and Robyn have like this argument about something but of course Mark is like totally being a pig and it really kind of gross because even I thought those big crystal things shooting up in Boise were mushrooms. I mean, EEEEEWWWWW!!!!


So like that's about when I got this letter from USHA that had all this like big time stuff about what I was doing, but it totally confused me so I gave it to my Daddy to look at and figure out what they wanted.

Anyway in Chapter 75, Chris, HG, DB and JB were in Boise trying to figure out why most of downtown was becoming big crystal mushrooms (that really weren't mushrooms (ew-ew-ew!)) and so Chris figures that he can use his car to send a shockwave through the crystals back to whoever was making them to tell them to quit it, but HG is all like, No Way, but he helps out anyway and so they sent this like mondo blast of electricty into the crystal which sends Mark rocketing through the warehouse and like totally destroys all of the crystals that were in downtown and made like this total mess of things, but then Robyn grabs Mark and stabs him with some sort of crystal dagger before she walks out which is like a total bitch move before Hydrogen Guy and DB screech to a halt outside of the building where they were and Robyn proves that although hell has no fury like a woman scored, you REALLY don't want to get the two together, and Bob took Mark to get him patched up but then says that he can't help Mark the way that he needs to be helped so Bob places a call to Hydrogen Guy while Chris figures out who Mark is and winds up blowing $50 in the deal but then Chris and Hydrogen Guy wind up showing up at Marks to talk.

So I'm like still curious about what that letter's about. Oh well, I'm guessing I'll find out soon enough.

That's it so far! Hope it helps!!!

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