Like Caution! Spoilers and Stuff!!

Ok, like, I talked with a few folks and they said that I this is cool. Apparently I shouldn't use the other layout because USHA will get all like bent and stuff, which is fine by me. I'm keeping the layout for the stories and stuff because I like it.

Oh, and if you're asking, JB was the one that did the logo. (So, like I guess he's to blame if he doesn't get top billing ;) )

I'm also going to keep The Grayhound's Letter & the older synopsis up until I get a chance to rewrite it using the new format (Chris said that according to what he's read, I can do that. Plus, I just sound so goofy.) Also, if you want to read Dorkboy's stuff, have at. but it's only the last two chapters. Apparently Jason didn't have much of a career after Chris shut him down. ^_^. Almost makes up for Chris not letting me post my poetry :P


Ok, so where was I? Oh, right, in Chapter 37 Zrng like races in because there's a whole group of space tourists outside which looks like a bunch of giant wallabies (which are sort of like kangaroos, but a lot cuter and don't really hop around all that much) which are on safari to determine if the Earth's space program should be blown up or something which meant that Chris and JB had to load them all up into a tour bus while JB lied about all of the sites of Boise (which, frankly, sounded a whole lot better than the last like school tour I had been on) and then they stopped for lunch

Oh, yeah! and I've decided to let my hair grow out again. Being like goth is ok, but man is it depressing!


Speaking of depressing, in Chapter 38, the Ferrite Chef and his mighty cold cut crusader or whatever have got Chris in his big meaty fist (the meat thingy not the Chef) when he (the chef, not the meat thingy) starts telling Chris about what what it was like when he (chef) was in The Facility (before the meat thingy) and talked, and talked, and TALKED ALREADY (Like give it a break!) long enough that he (chef) didn't notice that it (meat thingy) was suddenly eaten by them (wallaby tourist guys) when Chris like zaps him which is fine by me because I hate it when people just talk and talk for no reason and you want then to get to the real point of what they're saying but instead they just kinda divert over and start yammering about something else that like got their attention and stuff and you just want to slap them because that's not really what you're interested in but they just keep going on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

I hate that.

OH! And speaking of talking, like Bob gets a call from Mark and Mark talks about how his training is going with Chris and Sandy (who's like that sandblaster chick) but it's not really that important and you can skip reading that. Mostly it talks about Sandy dressing like a floozy and them arguing.

So Chris goes out to the bus later that night and plays head games with the Chef who's still tied up which I'm not sure I really understand other than a couple of folks I know decided they don't want to play poker against him (Chris, not the meat thingy).


Oh, so then in Chapter 39 Zrng gets his travel mag review of Earth and apparently Chris and JB didn't do that good of a job or something because they absolutely slam the planet, which is kinda good in a way since that means less tourists or whatever, but it's like totally unfair because our planet is not all sucky! There are parts that aren't anywhere near Martinez! Anyway, so Zrng gets himself bombed and then kidnapped by secret agent repairmen, or something, it all happens kinda fast and it's really confusing and I learn never to let a guy who speaks funny talk me out of fighting repairmen. So then the repairmen take Zrng back to their secret Repairmen Base or whatever and prove that they must be American because they don't use a translator, they just speak loudly and overenunciate (Coolies! I like got to use a Word-of-the-Day and stuff! I rule!).

That's when they learn that this is not something you should do when the guy you're talking to is an alien with a hangover.


So in Chapter 40.. well, I kinda skipped the first bit mostly because it featured something that like shows up in those weird channels that are all funny on the cable because we're not supposed to watch them but then Chris and Annie go into the back room and Annie fills Chris (Ok, like that totally sounded wrong but it's like what happened) in about the RUS which segued (Coolies! Another word a day) into a bit with the guys after Zrng did a bit of redecorating but then the RUS gets orders from someone who like can give them and they're told that they can't go beat up the Canadians, but can only match them blow for blow which left Chris staring down utility trucks and calling Canadians to find out more about a secret American organization and then a lovely couple held a party with the floating head of Satan.


Then in Chapter 41Chis and JB come across a soccer game without a soccer ball which is totally weird but not as weird as the fact that everyone runs away when Chris and JB try to go ask them a question but then Chis figures out that the half of the guys he's chasing are actually the same guys that broke into the loft and took Zrng so he tries to catch up to them speeding away and instead does some painful window shopping (like double pun :b) but then Zrng gets in touch with JB and helps them find him by using something that.. err.. well gave JB more of a warm feeling than he probably appreciated, but then there was a big battle between the Canadians and the uhm, not Canadians, United Statesians? which was pretty well evenly matched up until Chris decides to stare everyone down and like totally did it but then Zrng reads some message that makes him smurf himself.


So like in Chapter 42, Krullux decides to like play Patton, which I guess comes from having the same polished chrome headgear or something, but it turns out that the troops really aren't as into the whole thing as he would like which is good for Chris, JB an Zrng who it turns out still don't know about the incoming alien fleet because Zrng was looking at the fact that he can now download really high quality porn or something while Chris finds another one of those black roddy things that gives folks like superpowers or something when Sandy calls and they spend a weekend in an Artists Colony but leave before they get a case of Dahliism and have to get shots and stuff but then JB has the kind of dreams with Becky Sue that usually wind up showing late night on Cinemax, when Chris shows up and JB tells him he's is an idiot.

Not JB, Chris.

Is an idiot.


And in Chapter 43 JB starts up like this internet chat thingy with Chris about his relationship with Becky Sue which is kind of weird because both Chris and JB are in the same room and JB and Becky Sue are in the same head by JB is able to do something with his hands that he doesn't want her to know about. (Eww, that totally sounds wrong) and Chris apparently has like this total problem with the situation because of the fact that like Becky Sue is old enough to be JB's grandmother but she's not because she's like actually younger than JB.

Ok, like, that totally confused me too, but seriously that's so what happened.

So then Margie spotted something in the night sky that Bob tried to see and it wasn't Jimmy stuck in a well but it was Krullux's fleet which is funny because the little Chrome Dome was stuck trying to get a permit to invade the Earth (which I guess makes sense if you have a whole like galaxy to run) but of course on the ship things aren't quite as pleasant because we find out that daylight savings time is even worse when you have to go between planets.

That's it so far! Hope it helps!!!

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