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So like in Chapter 11 Krullux watches this show of like what happened and stuff because like JB kind of rescued them, but like it wasn't JB and then Chris zapped the door in slow motion or something but then later Chris goes out and JB watches some TV where he sees that it was like him saving Chris because he like doesn't remember doing it or anything but Chris is out playing cards with this Phil guy and this big green guy and his dorky sidekick sit around drinking gross Starbucks house blends, but then I like nearly lost my lunch when they started talking about these gross foods and then Chris brings JB to talk to that Phil guy and Phil says a bunch of names that makes JB's head explode.

Well, not so much explode but in Chapter 12 he winds up kind of talking to himself, but it's not just himself, it's like a bunch of old folks that have set up shop in his head and that's how he got all those nifty superpowers and stuff but I'm guessing it would kinda suck because you'd always be smelling vinegar, but then Bob just kind of sat out in the garage, and there was this news report about an old crockpot in a museum and then there was this creepy X-Files like thing where we find out that the US is secretly part of Canada and that they like listened into an alien conversation just like my brother does sometimes, and I get mad an yell at him and stuff but then Chris and JB are sitting at Louis' again and they get a letter telling them they get to go to New York and they find out why there's nothing worse then when seafood goes bad.

Then in like Chapter 13, (which should be all like creepy and stuff, but it's not) there's like this cook guy who's been watching way too much of the Food Channel like breaks into a museum and grabs this holy spatula thing, then starts flipping out, well, no more flipping hotcakes and muffins and stuff at people, but they're like really, really big, which Chris and JB find out when they come back from their trip to New York and Chris finds his car is a pancake, or more like there's this giant pancake on his car which makes him flip out, (but there's no breakfast food involved), but speaking of food, the Salad Barbarian and Dressing lad like pick up the Y-Guys and start driving them to "The Facility" (which is odd because I thought that's what the teachers and staff at my school called themselves) but the Y-Guys escape thanks to Proffessor Y, and then Fantastic Female like gets her nails done or something, and Chris gets denied coverage, but then gets yelled at by Detective Wallace but then Chris and JB decide to go get some food when suddenly some food decides to get them.

Ok but like then in Chapter 14, the Ferrite Chef has captured Chris and JB, and starts droning on about how big and bad he is when suddenly Chris just kind of loses it and starts busting things up, well, pretty much just one thing, the chef really, anyway JB manages to stop Chris before he goes like totally postal, but then we find out that the Y-Guys are on their big black helicopter thingy and that Magnifty is kind of a weenie, but isn't really part of any plot or anyting, but get this he like doesn't have his magnetic powers anymore, so Mentra does like this thing where she totally invades Magnifty's personal space by making him relive this weird part where he got captured by an alien (who I think was drinking something other than soda) who shows them that there's this big bad bunch of aliens that are coming here or something which is kind of scary but not nearly as scary as Chris' table manners because he like totally wolfed down his cheeseburger and JB and Chris decide they need to get the alien zappy thing from Bob.

Like, in Chapter 15, they don't go to Bob's which is like OK, because JB goes to this like superhero air show and meets this retired superhero he knows and the talk about being superheros, but then the guy says that JB needs to get a girlfriend which makes JB a bit nervous, but the guy gets JB to agree to come to a big party they're holding, but then JB goes and gets the car out of the repair shop, but it's got like all these nifty devices that make Chris nervous but then kinda happy so JB winds up going to the party later where he meets this girl named Shasta and I guess they like hit it off and sometimes it really sucks to be only 15.

Ok, so then in like Chapter 16, we like start out in a class where we learn the importance of keeping your bases, which I'm really glad didn't turn out one of those like "all your base" things, because that's like so last century and stuff, but then we get to Chris and JB driving by Bob's house trying to figure out where Bob's underground labratory is, which is kinda silly because like "Hello, he's not Dexter" but then Bob's wife sees them and calls for Bob who doesn't see them, but instead goes and talks to Krullux who is planning on destroying the city to get his tool thing back, but then Bob sic's Margie on him and Margie like goes total pit bull, but then Chris and JB are like climbing over the fence to try to break in, which is weird because like they're the good guys, but then Margie pounces but Chris zaps her and Bob is all "Oh no!" and Bob's wife sees Chris and JB speeding away but Bob runs over to Margie and gets himself electrocuted.

Did I mention that there was this jewelry store that got robbed? Cause if I didn't you probably be all confused at the start of Chapter 17 where the two women that robbed it are counting their money and then then try to hide it from their sister who doesn't know that they are bank robbers because they're actually models and probably really stuck up and everything but then they find out that they need to go to Boise and do a calendar for the police which is handy because that's where Chris and JB are because Detective Wallace asks them to help track down the jewel thieves but then we find out that the secret government guys are masquerading as Peruvian mountain musicians, which kinda makes sense because no one ever buys their stuff, is gathering information about the Grayhound and Puppyboy who at that moment were chasing supermodels down dark alleys only to get a face full of sand from a girl.

In Chapter 18 we find out that the girl is actually the bossy older sister of the two that robbed the jewelry store before and she decides to turn in her sisters, but then both she and Chris get arrested for other things but then they wind up sitting in the jail cell talking about stuff and we find out that Chris decided not to press charges for her attacking him and then Bob finishes working on something that he needs to test out but it's really dangerous but then Chris and JB wind up back at the police station (but their not under arrest this time) where they find out there's a goose out there that plans to totally ignore the curbing laws.

Ok like when I read chapter 19 I was all like, who's this Salad Barbarian guy and where's Chris? He like didn't show up anywhere, which is like a total bummer. Anyway the Salad Barbarian and Dressing Loser go fight this guy who wants to deep fry the City Hall except he's not a guy he's actually like a potato or something and after some big fight scene, they get captured and chained up somewhere and have to face down a bunch of killer brussels sprouts. Sorry that this isn't better, but I kept flipping back to watch Survivor.

Well, like at the start of Chapter 20 the big Salad guy like does a recap, which is like totally getting onto my turf, thankyouverymuch. He like goes and beats up a potato which is like so not impressive and all, but then listen-listen-listen! Guess What! I figured out who like Dressing Lad is! Remember that like dweeby guy in grade school that used to walk around with the Wall Street Journal all the time? It's like got to be him! What was his name? ARRGH! I hate when I can't remember stuff. Oh yeah! The story! So like then at the end of the story, it like gets totally exciting because it gets back to Chris and JB who like stop chasing wild geese and go back to Boise only to disappear in a blinding flash which means only one thing. They really need to stop going out to eat.

So then in Chapter 21, they wind up on some aliens ship, and then like some other aliens show up. No, really, like that's all that happens. I am NOT slacking off! Look, the author just wrote this long boring thing about space motors or something and then had Chris and JB show up in the ship do some junk and then some other alien guys like showed up. Personally, I think that the only reason that he put that junk about space motors in the chapter is because he's like a total geek that really needs to go outside more often. His like wife? Total Saint for dealing with him.

So like in Chapter 22 Chris and JB get taken aboard the other alien ship where, like, they talk about JB getting this like exam, but it was a total rip off. They only talked a bit about Chris. I like so wanted to see him in his undies (yowza) but no, we get to hear about this like weird doctor alien guy like giving JB's outfit like the total workover. Geez, it's not even from Wet Seal or anything. Like who cares? Anyway they both get an implant where they least want it an get marched out by a mechanical accountant to meet this like way freaky guy named "The Stockholder."

You know, for like ever I've had nightmares about these like little orange guys with green hair. But the good thing is that no-one looks like that in Chapter 23 even if "The Stockholder" guy looks like Willie Wonka (if like WIllie Wonka were some sort of weird tree fungus thingy) Well, except for this like one short blue guy named like Plaskowitz or something who is like a total nerd but tells "The Stockholder" that the engine thingy is apparently in violation of their copyright which means that they get to blow up the Earth, but they don't because he doesn't want to and then he says something about the engine that Bob built doesn't exist as he whacked it with his stick but then the weird little green alien guy started going on about how he claimed the planet which the Wonka guy is all "nuh-uh" but then they have this like verbal show down where the green guy wins and everyone goes home (well, except for Bob's motor) and I went out to get a chai because my head hurt.

Ok, so like after I had my chai and like did my crystal therapy, I find out that in Chapter 24 like Bob was using Margie to try to track where GH & PB went, but he was checking Saturn instead of Jupiter which I thought was kind of dumb, but then get this, he like becomes dumb as like the whatever it was that the probe thing did to him wore off and stuff but of course GH & JB weren't anywhere near Saturn, they were at their parent's house eating dinner (which means they probably wished they were still around Jupiter) and they've got Zrng with them and it turns out that their parent's aren't into the whole superhero thing so that Chris and JB have to like cover up everything, but then things work out because they like get their Superheroes' License! YAY!

Chapter 25 Didn't have anyone interesting in it, but it like had a really catchy tune. I think it's Menudo.


That's all for now. Hope that helped!

--Kimmie ;b

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