Year One: Origins


Chapter 1


Chapter 2 A Mouthful of Manx
Chapter 3

Kitty with a Mohawk

Chapter 4 Running with Lawyers
Chapter 5 Bits of Heroics
Chapter 6 Singing for you Supers
Chapter 7 A Tune for the Verse
Chapter 8 Terror goes Walkies
Chapter 9 Battle for Boise
Chapter 10 What Fries Within
Chapter 11 Fist full of Photons
Chapter 12 Meeting of the Minds
Chapter 13 Hotcakes of Doom
Chapter 14 Chef's Surprise
Chapter 15 A Plesant Distraction
Chapter 16 Party at Bob's
Chapter 17 Wicc'n Roll
Chapter 18 Sandy's Coverup
Chapter 19 Meet your Vegetables
Chapter 20 Three Strikes
Chapter 21 Kiss Uranus Goodbye
Chapter 22 Judgement Frey
Chapter 23 Fear the Ficus
Chapter 24 Happy New Fear
Chapter 25 Answers to your questions