NAME: The Salad Barbarian  
AKA: The Salad Barbarian  
The Salad Barbarian  

The Salad Barbarian


The Salad Barbarian, wait, no already say that. Uhm, string cheese


Hard Question. Salad Barbarian get back to you later.

Miracle Grow  

The Salad Barbarian's tale is full of great mystery. Author ask Salad Barbarian questions about past. Salad Barbarian say, "Salad Barbarian" answer them, but only if Salad Barbarian can write profile. Author say, "No, Me have to write profile." Salad Barbarian think Author overworked, so Salad Barbarian help Author go sleepies. Author might be a bit cranky later, but that probably due to headache.

Salad Barabarian MIGHTY green warrior who am born in great battle. Salad Barbarian see family at restaurant that Sizzles being attacked by horde of evil mutant bunnies. Salad Barbarian hear scream of little girl! Salad Barbarian not proud of that moment, but still deny it was Salad Barbarian.

Salad Barbarian leap from birth place and battle bunnies with Croutons of Justice. For many hours battle raged. Salad Barbarian finally victorious against bunnies. Salad Barbarian save frightened family. Salad Barbarian big hero! Mother of family faint.

Art by ~Steve-o

Salad Barbarian later learn of thing called "pants".

Small boy very grateful of Salad Barbarian, say "Thank you Salad Barbarian. Small Boy am forever in Salad Barbarian's debt."

That how Salad Barbarian get Dressing Lad.

Dressing Lad good kid, but occasionally forgetful of great debt owed to Salad Barbarian. Dressing Lad sometime say things like: "Salad Barbarian learn to flush", or "Salad Barbarian should get damn Driver's License." or, "Salad Barbarian should learn to ask age of pretty girls. Dressing Lad tired of posting bail all time." Salad Barbarian remind Dressing Lad of debt, frequently.

Dressing Lad also get good deal for Salad Barbarian to do appearances at Starbuck. Salad Barbarian kind of wish Dressing Lad picked somewhere that did not serve beverages that make Salad Barbarian wilt, but money still good.