NAME: JB Reid  
AKA: Puppyboy  
Professional Sidekick  

Computer Programming Consultant, Freelance


·Anime (subtitled, not dubbed)
·Superhero Comic Books
·1950s Horror Flicks (the worse the better!)


Technical Evangelists

Peanut Butter & Kiwi Sandwiches, Diet Carffee, Nacho flavored Doritos and cream cheese  
YAHOO! ID Boise_Puppyboy  

JB is quite definitely the Yang to Chris' Ying.

JB has always had a very vivid imagination, and although never popular enough to be voted class clown, generally was able to keep himself from getting beat up too many times. JB had a nearly insatiable appetite for Comic Books. He still does, but it's a bit more refined and tends toward Graphic Novels (which are the pricier versions of comic books), and still occasionally will race down to the mall to see such once luminaries as Major Glory, Commander Commando, or the first Brown Streak whenever they appear at the local shopping centers or used car dealership openings.

JB had been doing reasonably well as a private Networking and Software Development consultant working out of an apartment in Sunnyvale. Although he enjoyed his work and was good at it, his job involved a tremendous amount of travel and long, long nights.

Over the years, he discovered the chronicles of the famed Canadian Superhero Hydrogen Guy, and joined his fan club shortly after it started (although he's still waiting delivery of his Do-it-yourself De Broglie Board construction kit).

Also unlike his brother, JB cannot resist nifty gadgets. If it draws electricity or can (even in theory) communicate in TCP/IP, JB is all over it in a heartbeat.

Several months ago, JB booked his reservation for the SuperConWest show in San Jose. Having sat in on several of the costume judging panels, in the past he finally decided that he was going to enter himself. He had no idea which of the countless heroes he should dress as, but then, out of pure luck there was a discussion about a mysterious Phosphorous Elemental over at the HGFC Board. JB raced down to the local Salvation Army and along the back wall where most of the more bizarre fashions where hung was a set of the most unusually colored ensembles he had ever seen. JB grabbed all of them plopped down his five dollars, collected back his change and began work on the Phosphorous Elemental's garb.

Obviously he got quite a deal, and a bit more than he planned.