NAME: Krullux  
AKA: Krullux (He's not horribly creative with aliases)  
Dean of Evil Sciences, Devry School of Evil  

Evil Overlord of Planet Doom


Chrome, polished metal, puppies


1920's Serials (well, one at least)

Arlan p'Dag
(a dish surprisingly similar to Swedish Meatballs)

Krullux is a Doomian. The Doomians were a noble race that were bent on galactic conquest, just like most other races. During the earlier part of the twentieth century, Doomian explorers discovered Earth when an Earth scientist, his stalwart football hero companion and a woman prone to screaming fainting fits crashlanded on Planet Doom, and completely ruined their invasion plans.

The Earth People returned to their home planet where they made a string of short movies retelling their adventure. Nobody believed them. Worst of all, they changed the name of the Head Doomian to something more marketable, and significantly more Chinese for unknown reasons.

Obviously, this was not the case on Planet Doom.

Krullux left his post (somewhat hastily) and took up a science and research post. There, he began scanning Earth transmissions looking for a way to get back at the society that had ruined his. After closely monitoring things, he contacted a like minded soul, who went by the name of Professor M. Krullux sent the not so good Professor a device he had been working on, unfortunately, he didn't hear back from the Professor until some fifty-five years later. Granted, Krullux had some dates where he hadn't heard back for longer periods, but considering the lifespan of Terraists, fifty-five was kind of pushing it.

What's worse was that during that fifty-five year period, the worst tragedy to ever befall Planet Doom happened. A vengeful alien race known as the Grylix had savagely attacked the planet. Worse yet, they had found a truely dastardly way to destroy everything that the Doomians had worked so hard to achieve. The mighty warships, the merciless warriors, all gone in a matter of weeks.

They weren't killed, or enslaved or crippled. This was far, far worse.

They were turned into Prop Comedians.

The Grylix used some sort of metal device that made the war loving race suddently play with huge telephones and make bad jokes about plungers.

Krullux locked himself inside his fortified office (any rumors that he did this by accident will be quickly denied) and again set about finding a solution. It was then that he was contacted by Professor M, again.

Professor M offered a teaching position at the DeVry School of Evil Geniuses. Krullux accepted, but with a condition. They needed to find a way to destroy the Grylix, preferably also making them cry like babies.

Krullux operates on earth by means of one of his robotic creations, the Resumatrix. It can perform a wide variety of tasks. Unfortunately, winning Robot Battles wasn't one of them.