NAME: Kimmie Parks  
AKA: Kimmie  
Student/President of the Grayhound Fan Club  

Um, like I don't know! I guess like student or maybe toddler or something?


Robert :D !!!!!


Uhm? Like you mean where you get off a freeway or something?

In & Out!! Diet Coke and Nerdz, Tall Double Expressos,

Ok, so like HI!! I'm Kimmie Parks the official President and founder of the Grayhound Fan Club and like I hate to admit this because it's totally embarrassing but the reason that I started the fan club was like because I had this TOTAL crush on the Grayhound I mean like when I saw him being all brave and stuff and saving that crowd from those cats I like thought he was absolutely the dreamiest thing in the world! Of course like I'm like over him mostly right now because I realized that he's like twice my age and a superhero and everything and mostly because I like met up with the dreamiest guy who's totally cute and smart and fun and his name is Robert ok, like I can't believe I just wrote that because I swear I'll die if he reads it but then my journalism teacher said that we should always focus on the main thought which means that you should always write what you know about right and I know that Robert is like a total babe but I love doing the Grayhound fan club too still because I get to meet all these fun people and we have lots of fun and get to talk with other fan clubs and it's a total blast.

OHMIGOD, I also get to write up the "story-so-far" which is like totally cool because like nobody else was doing it and someone said that I should because it would help my writing and all and I figure that eventually if I want to grow up and be a serious news reporter like Mary Hart or Serena Altschul or someone that I need to make my writing good and easy to read and stuff (even if my teacher keeps saying that I keep making run on sentences which aren't my fault because they told me that I should write the way that I talk and this is the way that I talk!)

Anyway one of the cooler things about being the president now is the fact that I get all this really cool stuff and all these official looking letters that have all this stuff that is kind of boring to read (but I guess I probably should get around to doing it eventually ;) like this cool t-shirt which must look like totally bitchin' because that image is like the one that everyone looks at!

Anyway, I better get going and stuff because I need to write up the latest news for the site. Thanks and I talk to you later! =^.^= !!!