NAME: The Justice Furlong  
AKA: Becky Sue, Myron, Karl and Roger  
Voices in JB's head  

Two fisted fighters for Liberty and Justice. (The other fists were also used, but generally not for fighting.)


Big Band, Rodeo, JB's tendency toward sleep depravation.


Migrane Headaches.


In 1943, the world was at war for the second time. Brave heroes signed up and fought for Justice on all fronts. It was a good time to be a Hero.

Unless, of course, you've been classified 4F and have to stay on the home front.

Four Heroes from very different backgrounds were assigned to battle the nefarious and decidedly anti-war efforts of the arch criminal, Professor M.who was cruel, merciless, and worst of all, Canadian.

The heroes were:
Captian Industry - the Caped Capitalist who's superhuman abilities were driven by Smithian Principles. Nobody knew exactly what that meant either.

The Detective - the Purple Clad Vigilante whose razor sharp mind could cut through the clutter to deduce the crime. Too bad he tended to be an elitist with a really weird tendency to sound like a cross between Humphry Bogart from Casablanca and Adam West from Batman.

Lady Peacemaker - This Texas Rose with a fair for rapid fire could strip the wings off a fly at 1000 yards and could take a desperado off at the knees without even thinking, but enough about her smart mouth, she was also darn good with a pistol or throwing knife.

Faunaman - The last of a mysterious tribe of woodsmen, Faunaman posesses a sixth sense of the land and the power to read the thoughts of woodland animals. Unfortunately, being in the city, this generally meant talking to squirrels and pigeons. He's also the most junior and passifist of the group.

The four banded together and called named themselves, the Justice Furlong, partly because they were not quite a League, but mostly because that other name had already been copywritten. Things went fairly well for the team up until Professor M got a new plaything...