NAME: Chris Reid  
AKA: The Grayhound  
Superhero in training  

Unknown (and he's not telling)


Discount retail
Wait-Wait, Don't Tell Me
Armloads of Dreamcast games

TURN-OFFS: Pushy Superheroes  
Chocolatey Sugar Frosted Buzzy Bits® Brand Cereal now with Extra Caffine!  
YAHOO! ID: Boise_Grayhound  

Chris never really wanted to be a superhero. But, then he never really was all that sure what he wanted to do.

Chris had attended the University of Boise several years ago. While there, he had one girlfriend who lived across town in a rather tony district. Parking was impossible to find, and Chris had his car broken into several times when he had stayed overnight.

One night, after a rather good party, Chris spotted a sign hanging up in the local police department.

"Superhero Wanted.
Apply within"

Feeling a bit silly, he walked into the station and asked for an application. He filled out the form, and when it listed his hero's identity, Chris was stymied, until a bus drove by and Chris' poor penmanship failed him.

Amazingly, he was the only applicant. A few days later, he received a letter stating that his application had been accepted and that he was now the official superhero for Boise. Granted, there were no immediate threats so Chris wasn't called upon. He did, however get duly deputized and had access to the police parking lot, which was located across the street from his girlfriend's place. They broke up while in his senior year.

Chris had attended business school at the request of his father and had done remarkably well, however he never really enjoyed it. Chris had gotten a good job at a cube farm shortly after graduation where he did the boring menial tasks that most college hires did.

One day Chris simply quit his job, bought a new car and moved in with his brother, JB, living in Sunnyvale, CA. Chris never asked for money, paid his share of rent ahead of schedule (even willing to float JB's on occassion). Chris would spend his days watching TV or playing video games and doing household chores like cooking and laundry.

Then, one day, JB opened a telegram addressed to "The Grayhound". He had originally intended to simply go up to Boise, apologize to the clerk and pay back his $20 superhero registration fee. Fate decided otherwise, and they're currently stuck there.

Chris was forced into the role of Protectorate of Boise with JB as his all too willing sidekick. Chris currently holds a Superheroes Learner's Permit valid for one year.