NAME: Bob Malevolent  
AKA: Bob  
Advertising Production and Sales  

Student at the DeVry School of Evil Geniuses


World Domination
Long walks along the beach


Nosy Superheroes
Stage Mothers

The PitRibs at Rusty Gordon's Steak House  

Robert James Malevolent was born the son of an immigrant Used Car Salesman and respected Lobbyist in a quiet suburb of Northern Virginia. This, of course, meant that he had to become the ultimate incarnation of the power hungry super villain.

Bob acquired a degree in advertising from prestigious Salem College, and set about finding the best school for continuing his second degree in Evil Sciences.

Unfortunately, he was unable to find any schools that offered a degree in Evil Sciences.

Bob was flabbergasted. Had all of the previous evil geniuses actually gone about learning their craft individually? Wasn't there one location where those who were "freelance chaos advocates" could go and learn from masters of the craft?

Bob researched the process during his senior year at Salem. And by careful suggestion and inquiry (plus a fair amount of flat out blackmail) Bob managed to be an active proponant for the creation of the DeVry School for Evil Geniuses.

Amazingly a week after the first quiet two line announcement in the back of Weekly World News, the freshman class had over two thousand applicants who were more than willing to pony up tuition. The school was able to find and recruit the better and brighter of the retired super villains who were all too eager to have access to warping young minds. Rumor has it that even the notorious Professor M is on staff, however no one has yet been able to either confirm or deny that, and not even Bob is certain.

Bob desired to become president of his co-creation, and he realized the first step was to become one of the first successful graduates. Bob joined his freshman class and graduated four years later with his degree, cum laude.

Bob knew that the next phase was "interning", but having not slept through most of the classes, he knew better than becoming a lackey to an existing super villain if he had plans living longer than half an hour. He decided to set up operations in a smaller metropolis and picked Boise after he removed the dart from the map. He loaded up his belongings into his wife's Saturn and his antique truck (which originally belonged to his grandfather) and headed off to the rolling hills of Boise.

Bob lives in Atlantica, which is on the outskirts of Boise, and knows enough not to be near "ground zero". He has hired two henchmen (Tony and Lenny) to do the dirty work. Both of them are movie aficionados, specifically, science fiction/bad movie aficionados.

Bob is married; he met his wife, Avalon, or Avey to friends and family, at a bar. She thinks he's just cute, albeit a bit eccentric. He is a dedicated husband, but does not have any children.

Recently, Bob has been the recipient of Margie, a fifteen foot robotic terrier, the product of a bad connection and a request for a fifteen foot robotic terror.