Gallery of Self Inflicted Fan Art:

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First off, I want to say that these are not what any of the characters, locations, or props really look like. These are just what I envision whenever I accidentally read a chapter. Your idea of what they look like is far more accurate.

First a bit of history. Originally, The Grayhound Chronicles was going to be a web comic. (I can hear some of the forum folks going nuts about that) There were a bunch of site gags that I was going to do. Including things like this. (Yes, Chris & JB's loft is on Jekyll and O'Feral St)

Unfortunately, I never got around to fixing the Annie's Sign.

I also took a picture of the DeVry School of Evil Geniuses, which looked a bit like this:

Anyone who knows what these buildings are would agree.

I tend to draw whenever I need to relax. After creating Krullux and the Resumatrix, I drew this. I started using a smaller version on a couple of boards for my id picture. It really doesn't reduce well, but I like it.

By the way, all of the hand drawn images are created in Xara, a vector based drawing package that in the right hands does some pretty amazing stuff. (Hey, if it makes my scrawls look acceptable, imagine what it does for real artists!)

JB and Chris pose a kind of challenge to me, not because they're hard, mind you, it's just that I tend to be rather uncreative whenever it comes to drawing new characters. Some folks may notice that JB looks a lot like my version of Robert, others may notice that he looks a lot like the main character from my college strip. In fact, he's the same damn character I've been drawing since eighth grade.

You'd think I'd be good at drawing him by now.

The Justice Furlong on the other hand was a bit more of a challenge for me. I tried to make each character a bit more distinct. I'm happiest with both Captain Industry and Lady Peacemaker (one of the few female characters I successfully managed to draw). The Detective needs help, in more ways than one, and the pencil sketch I did for Faunaman still looks better. Still, as a group they kind of work.

Oh, and the gray thing? That's a squirrell. Don't ask about the tail, I have no idea either.

In one of my semi-rants about web serials vs. comic books, I had the dumb idea of creating promo posters for folks. Basically, one of the advantages that web comics have is that folks can clip them out and hang them up. Kinda hard to do that with something that's text based.

Ok, that and I found the idea of a Deamon with his own pooper-scooper hilarious.

My very first bit of Fan Art.
Mighty Salad Barbarian and Dressing Lad

I so happy!

Of course when my wife saw this she said,
Who are those two?

That's the Salad Barbarian and Dressing Lad.

Did you draw that?

No, someone else did because the liked them.

Is this from that goofy story thing you write?


Oh great, like you need more reasons to be at that stupid computer.

Steve strikes again. This is too cool and is now my home background. I really like JB's expression in this. That's pretty much the one that I've always imagined him having. Granted, it just goes to highlight how pathetically bad my artwork is, but, then, I wasn't seen as a threat by Todd McFarlane.
Ok, the final image isn't really TGC. It's Pu Wing Fu from JIM Evan's Files of Hydrogen Guy. I sent him one version of her earlier, but later changed it a bit to make her a bit more squat and, well, pandalike. I like this image more, but I'll let JIM decide which he likes better. I'll probably continually tweak it every now and then.