You stand in a dark room. The center? The size? None of that matters. You are merely visiting this, the inner chamber.

In the distance the sound of a heavy switch being thrown is made barely audible. Blinking against the suddenly brilliant light, you suddenly see a cloaked figure standing before you surrounded by a pool of luminence. The harsh shadows from the overhead light hide any features. The figure stands, almost waiting for you to become accustomed to his presence.

The figure speaks:

Hi there. Welcome to the Queue Continuum. You may know us from such conspiracies as... well, let's just not go into some of those, shall we? Of course, right now you are probably wondering about our latest little escapade.

Where does one begin to tell this tale? Oh, quite right, we'll start at the beginning.

It all started back in April 1999. Do you still remember it? It's vivid in my mind, the cruel April's Fool joke the priesthood sprung on innocent oracle users. This was too much for our Fearless Leader, but it festered for a full two years before he acted on the boil on his soul.

I guess you have read the "How, why, when" -files by now.

Have you found the codes that tell you who did what? No, I'm not authorized to tell you where you can find them. I can only tell you where the Stockholders page is. Hang on, that's an incoming call.

... yes? No, I haven't yet told him ... I can't? But you said ... un-hnn. OK. ... yes.

Sorry, visitor, you'll have to find it on your own.

The figure stared at you with red-rimmed eyes, considering. Then it sighed. The light went out.