Pythia turned the page over but that side was just as blank. Remembering her girl-scout days, she lit a candle and held the paper over it for a bit. No, that didn't help, either.

So she turned to the expert in these matters. "Cassandra! Can I borrow you for a bit."

"Sure Pyth, what's up?"

"What do you make of this one?" she said as she handed off the sheet.

"Ooooh, Very chic! A Zen Question."

Pythia knew she had asked the right person. "So, what's the right answer?"

"Oh, there's no right answer. There is only the right process!"


"It begins with shopping, of course. Be back in a bit!"

A few hours pass.

"I am NOT coming out wearing this!"

"C'mon Pyth! It's traditional and I've got mine on. Besides, I finally lit all the aroma therapy candles."

"So that's what I smell. Can I at least leave my trousers on? This thing barely covers my bum!"

"No ugly green trousers, Pythia. It'll ruin the meditation!"

"Fine, but if anyone so much as looks at me funny... Krikey!"

"You like?", Cassidy asked hopefully.

"Just how many candles did you get?"

"Well, there were a lot of good ideas, and they were on sale. I kinda lost count after one hundred."

"Cassidy, we're in an office stuffed with old paper and wooden furniture, and you've got over a hundred candles lit."

"It'll help us relax!"

"If you don't mind, having this extinguisher at hand will help me relax more. So now what?"

"Well, according to the astrology site, we sit on these pillows in the lotus position..."

"Cassie, I like you as a friend and all..."

"No silly, like this!" Cassie sat and crossed her legs effortlessly.

After a few unsuccessful tries Pythia joins her. "And this is supposed to be comfortable, how?"

"It focuses your yin and yang."

"It's just giving me a pain in mine. What's next?"

"Now we meditate on the blankness of the question and say the first things that come to mind."

Moments pass:

"Beauty comes not without cost, but is available at discount."

"This is stupid"

"Pythia! Ohm.. The flower smells sweetest that's left to grow."

"I'm getting a cramp"

Pyth!! You're ruining the mood!"

"I'm sorry Cassie, but I am. Here, can I at least sit comfortably?"

"Oh, Ok."

"Much better. How's this? A noble warrior only strikes when peace is lost."

"Now you're getting it!"

A few more minutes pass with each passing pearls of thought. For your benefit, these have been edited out.

"So, Cassie, is there anything else? I mean, this is wonderfully therapeutic and all, but I think our customer might like an answer."

"Sure, now that we are in the proper mind set, we can ask the spirits of our ancestors for help. `Oh ancient souls please help us with our plight. We beseech you for some sign that you are here`"

"Pythia, Cassandra, might I ask why the office smells like a brothel and you two are sitting half naked on the floor?"

"Sibyl! Oh, uhm, Hi! Cassie and I were just trying to answer the latest question."

"I see. And that question would be?..."

"It's a Zen question, Sibyl. See?"

"All I see is a blank sheet of paper."

"It's Zen! We need to meditate on the answer. Go put on your robe and join us!"

"No thank you. I'd rather answer this question using our tried and true mechanisms, if you don't mind."

"Tried and true?"

Sibyl reached for a large black orb and shook it vigorously. She inverted it, studied the bottom for a second and dashed off the response. "Be sure to attach the invoice for all this. And Pythia?"

"Yes, Sibyl?"

"Put some trousers on."