Dear Auntie Ora

Who should I invite to my Christmas party to make sure it goes with a swing? Yours, "Bing"

Dear Mr. Bing,

I would recommend the following guests:

Amy Dreaming
Arthur White
Christopher (whom everyone calls Chris) Muss
Jess Lake
Dee Wandswy
Eustace Noe
Wendy Treetops
Glyn Senn
Anne Chilled
Ron Linson
Tom Heers
Leigh Bell
Cindy Snow

What's that? You've forgotten who came before Jess Lake? Oh, do pay attention!

Amy Dreaming
Arthur White
Chris Muss
Will Avery
Chris Muss (he's worth inviting twice)
Candy Wright
Mayor Dazeby
Mary-Ann Bright
Anne Mayall
Young Chris (that's Christopher Muss Junior)
Mrs. B. White

Not forgetting the three of us, of course!
Have you got all that now? Well, repeat them after me then.

Yours festively,
S. Stojay

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------------------- God bless us, every one! --------------------