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> What is love?

Oooh, am I *ever* glad you asked. There was this guy, see, he was just *so* gorgeous, and then he met this girl, see, and she was ugly as they come. But they loved each other, and lived together ever after. It's true, too, I just read it in the latest 'Blonde Weekly'.

"Cassie, what are you doing?"

"Aww, Pythia, you know romance questions are mine!"

"Right. Waitaminute. From 'Blonde Weekly'? Cassie, do you *really* believe what those guys write?"

"Well of course! It's printed, isn't it? ANYway. I'll finish the question now, if you don't mind." (A blonde glare sends Pythia on her way; Cassie turns back to her paper:)

So there you have it, dear. Love is blind. Now, if that guy had met *me*, he wouldn't have had to shut his eyes ...