Freething quardloplo, do fo nokta linka ratatatata vinno dingla koopa. Vontisa vo?

Sibyl looks at the message in confusion: "Look at the sender, that's weird."

Cassie, over her shoulder: "What's weird?"

"It seems to be from somebody at the 34th blue-orange space-time continuum."

"Space-time continuum? Waitaminute, there was a rude guy in a few weeks ago, he babbled about space-time continuums, too. He had this neat shimmering thing with him, and asked if we'd know what it was. You two weren't in, so I handled it."

"YOU handled it? What have we told you about answering questions when we're out?"

"Yeah, well, anyway, the thing was really cool, green at first, but then it went pink! You know how I love pink. Just like it blushed, almost. The guy got really obnoxious when it disappeared, too, calling me an empty-brained bimbo and things. Honestly, do I *look* empty-brained to you? The nerve! He didn't want our help after that, either, after all, and just left. As if it had been MY fault. Hmmpfh. And it ruined my desk, too! Made this big weird hole over here. But I fixed it, see? I taped this gorgeous picture over it. (Isn't Leo just *cool*?) And I left a flap open, it's just the right size for garbage. Watch this..."

Cassie fishes some bits from her dustbin and pushes them down the hole; they disappear with a faint fizzle. She inspects her nails with a satisfied little smile, but sits up at Sibyl's shout:

"You have been using that hole for WHAT?"

Cassie, pouting: "You know how dark and damp it's in the cellar. This way nobody has to go down there ..."

Sibyl groans, "Cassie, I don't know what to do about you. Go read your weekly glossy or something, I have work to do."

(mumbles to herself) Let's see, there was the stranger from the future, didn't he leave me that translator gizmo? Hmmm... right. Okay, here we go:

"Freething quardloplo, do fo nokta linka ratatatata vinno dingla koopa. Vontisa vo?"

<clickety clickety click clack whirrr click click ckkkrrrck>

"Daer Auntei Ora, we seem to be recieving some very strnage things from your place. Could you plaese arrnage for them to stop?"

"Heh, that's easy. Let's see... 'Dear beings, we promise not to send you any further bits if you close the space-time hole.' Oh yes, the invoice, too. 'That'll be 15,300 zorkmids, payable by email. Sincerely, Sibyl Stojay, Delphic Research, Inc.' Now for some encoding... "

<clack clickety click clack whirrr whirrr click click clacketyclack>

"Whew, that's one more case solved. We'll *have* to do something about Cassie, though. What a problem! How to put some brains into an empty head. I know! I'll just send a message: 'Dearest Auntie Ora, how do you get an airhead to *think*? Sincerely, Sibyl.' There, let's see how Pyth and Cass handle *this* one."