G'day, Ladies!

Bruce 'ere again from the 'Strayan Embassy.

Look, we're sickta death of bung-'eaded drongo kids doin' school reports, callin' us up and askin' if we're the embassy of Oz, and can they 'ave the good oil on the Wizard or Munchkins or that galah Dorothy. Ol' Gazza out the back reckons we should just spin 'em some yarn to shut 'em up and get on with our diplomatic work, but I dunno much about their current whereabouts, if y'know what I mean. Can ya help us?

Bruce Murdoch, Esq, AC, KCMG, FIIK
The 'Onnerable Hambassador of Straya

Dear Bruce,

Lovely to hear from you again. Hope your youngest has recovered from the nasty nip she got from that new pet of yours. I'm sure that it wasn't trying to drag her off into the bushes. People make such assumptions - just because it's a dingo.

Bless those little schoolkids, eh? Still confusing Gawdzone Country with the Land of Oz, who would credit it?

Well, Bruce. This time you are in luck. Thanks to Pythia's little sojourn in the world of international economic policy, we've actually learned a lot more about the Land at the end of the Yellow Brick Road.

This sort of table-thing might help these kids out:

	Australia		     |	  Oz
1	Streets paved with gold      |	  Yellow Brick Road
2	Witchetty grubs		     |	  Grubby witches
3	Big lizards		     |	  Be-wigged Wizard
4	Town called "Emerald",	     |	  Emerald City, that
	  that mines sapphires       |	    saps miners
5	Ballots with no punches      |	  Non-voting Munchkins
6	Baby-stealing dingoes	     |	  Drug-dealing Toto
7	Dorothy the Dinosaur	     |	  Dorothy whose feet are sore
8	Vasty spaces		     |	  Pasty faces
9	Verdant beaches		     |	  Strident bitches
10	Steve "the Loonie" Irwin     |	  No apparent vermin

This should get you started. I'm sure you'll add more as you think of them.

Yours sincerely

Sibyl Stojay
Delphic Research Incorporated