Dear Auntie Ora

What started you out in this line of work? The thirst for knowledge? A wish to improve the lot of mankind? Or is there some even more edifying reason at the back of it all?

                 VITAI INVOICIA
                by: Sibyl Stojay
    (with a little help from Sir Henry Newbolt)
   There's a breathless hush in the mall tonight;
      Hours to go and so much to buy --
   A frilly bra and a skirt that's tight --
      Young Cassie's bleeding the coffers dry.
   And it's not for the sake of her looking flash
      That with tedious work every day I fill;
   So the customer must stump up the cash --
      Pay up! pay up! and pay the bill!
   The sand of the desert is turning black,
      Black with the oil of a jeep that crashed;
   Pythia sends her expense claim back,
      And her previous record's quickly smashed.
   When I think of all the stuff she's lost,
      Her extravagance makes me feel quite ill;
   Thank the gods someone else will count the cost --
      Pay up! pay up! and pay the bill!
   Ask me again why, year by year,
      The search for wisdom I pursue --
   Are people's needs to my heart so dear?
      Must I help all who have no clue?
   Does a burning desire all things to know
      Give me such an ecstatic thrill?
   No, bugger that! I just want the dough --
      Pay up! pay up! and pay the bill!