Sehr geehrte gnädige Sibyl,

Vielen dank für Ihre freundliche Einlandung zum Abendessen. Leider bin ich über dieses Wochenende verreist. Es wird mir aber ein grosses Vergnügen sein, einen Abend nächster Woche bei Ihnen zu verbringen falls es Ihnen passt.

Mit den besten Empfehlungen,
Ihr sehr ergebener,
Klaus Reithosen


It has to be that stalker again. You know, the guy who didn't say anything, just ... nothing ... I mean where's that at? Pyth said it was just a "null" question, whatever that's supposed to mean, and Sib was like, how'd you know it's a guy anyway? As if? Null question - I *know* when I'm being stalked, and *this* time he's talking Russian. Oh my, that means he's a russian mafia spy! Ohmigod, Ohmigod, Ohmi-

I must've totally freaked 'cos Pyth comes in shouting, "Cassie, what's the matter?" and when she stops me hyperventilating (gee, I wish she wouldn't throw that iced tea in my face, it's like ruining my makeup and I'll be *hours* fixing that up again) and she says it's German, not Russian, and it's just Sib's uncle Klaus who's coming to stay saying he'll be delayed.

Then Sib gives me this old phrasebook and says I gotta learn some German so I can talk to the guy. I mean, like, if he's coming here, he should talk English like we do? So I've got to learn German just 'cos Sibyl says it would be "polite"?

That is *so* lame. But waitaminute, take a look at this: Haben Sie eine Flasche Parfum dabei? Have you brought any perfume? Hey, this is OK, and what if he's a "younger" sort of uncle - fit and blond and interesting - this book could be totally handy ... Nach dem Zimmermadchen zweimal klingeln! Ring twice for the chambermaid! As if! The guy could take me shopping too - "Zeigen Sie mir bitte Ihre neuesten Muster in Seidenstoffen" Show me your latest designs in silks please. Oh, yes! Können Sie mir funftausend Dollar leihen? Can you lend me $5000?

You know, I kinda like this Uncle Klaus already.