>1. What originally drew you to participate in the Oracle? What has kept you

If I were to be honest, I'd have to admit that what originally drew me
to this line of work was a certain dashing young classical actor who...

Hah! You mean a pantomime pirate!

A Gielgud amongst pantomime pirates.

Gielgud's good in the sack, is he?

I think this would probably work better if I did all the answers without
any help, thank you Pythia.

What originally drew *me* to this was the money.

We get *money*?

Shush, Cassie.

>2. How has the Oracle changed over the time that you have been participating
>in it? What do you think it responsible for these changes?

I think the transition from an unsullied Usenet/email culture to a
primarily Web based service has been responsible for a certain decline
in standards, in that...

It got heaps better after 17 December last!

Why? What happened then?

Shush, Cassie.

>3. Is the "Oracle mythos" (interpreted however you like) important to you?

I believe it is important to distinguish between mythos and recurring
jokes. A mythos can act as a straightjacket, whereas most people enjoy
seeing stock characters reappearing from time to time, such as the
grovelling priest and the monosyllabic caveman...

Both of whom should be strung up by the goolies.

Really, Pythia! You might *try* and remember this is intended for a
family audience.

You were the one who brought up your carnal yearnings for a certain
pantomime pirate.

What's a...?

{Shush, Cassie.
{ Shush, Cassie!

>4. What purpose do you think the Oracle serves, if any?

Target practice!

Pythia dear, do you think I could at least start answering before you
interrupt me?

Can I...?

Shush, Cassie!

>5. What is the significance of the DRI incident?

Who's he calling an incident!?

It's a she, Pythia dear.

All oracular priests should be strung up by the goolies!

Yes, but it's a she, Pythia dear.

I'll work something out.

Hey! Can I finally contribute something to this process?

I'm sorry, Cassie, we're being inconsiderate. Please - what would you
like to contribute?

What's a mythos? Is that anything like a kebab?