Dear Auntie Ora

Thank you for your advice regarding creosote and pyjamas. I'm not sure I understood it, but that's probably my fault.
Say, you sound kind of cute. Do you have a JPEG you could send me?

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JPEG? What's a JPEG? Is that some kind of internetty kind of thing? Why do I get all the tekkie ones? Hey, Pyth! This guy says he wants my JPEG!

(Pythia) Stinking perv!!!

You mean he's one of them, wachamacallit, cyberstalker creeps? Oh, gross! Better activate the parental control filter.


All subsequent communication guaranteed free of adult content.

"Oooh, hello, ickle-bickle Ralphie-poos! Who's a clever little chubbly-wubbly-kins then? Yes, you are! Shall Auntie Ora tell you a story? Well, once upon a time there was this beyoootiful princess, who worked in an office along with two other princesses who were alright too but not nearly as beyoootiful as the first one. No, they weren't!

"Well, one day the beyoootiful princess was walking through the forest, and do you know what she saw? I'll tell you! She saw a strange little gnome whose name was Jaypeg. But he wasn't a nice gnome, no! He told the beyoootiful princess he wanted to..."

(Pythia) What are you typing now? "Hello, ickle-bickle..." Jesus Christ, Cass! You really are the most complete and utter dipsBEEEEEEEEEEEEEP <click>

Communication terminated by filter due to excessive unsuitable content.