Dear Auntie Ora

I was thinking about going to Newfoundland, all full of Newfies and therefore quite a lot of fun. But then, if Newfoundland's like it is because of where it is, then Labrador must be even more so. Is it? Why?

Hmmm, this is definitely one for Pythia. I'm pretty sure she's been to both. If not, then she's probably met a few Newfie's and Labradorians at Mr Irwin's place. Mmmm <sigh> ...that Steve is such a nice man, pity he has a few friends that are so... *uncouth*. Where's my pen?

"Dear Pythia
Another one for you, I think.

[Time passes]

Oo! Another note from a client! I wonder what it's about? Bother! Sibyl's gone and put Pythia's name on it. Pythia, Pythia, Pythia! Why can't she just let me do one on my own? I'll show HER.

Oo, look - it's about Labs and Newfoundlands! My favourite breeds in the world. Here goes...

Dear Customer

Labs and Newfndlnds are both verry nice dogs. They are good with kids and luv the water. Yes, they are a bit on the goofy side, but in a good way.

Newfndlnd's are a bit big and slobbery, but that's okay because they don't make them lead blind people. Eewww, just imagine a Newfndlnd leading a blind person to dinner - doggy-slobber on the plates and cuttle-ry!

Anyway, Labs are lots better, 'cos they get you home when you're blind (that's what Pythia says) and when they get you there, they make great bed-warmers (that's also what Pythia says).

Hope you have a good time choosing your dog. And remember - a pet isn't for Christmas, it's for Liff!