Dear Auntie Ora

I don't have to kill the girl in the shower do I? Please, not like all the others. She seems very nice really. Please, please, Auntie, say I don't have to.

Pythia: Danni! Danni, come here!

Cassie: Do you mean me? My name's not Danni, it's Cassandra.

Pythia: Your name's Cassidy.

Cassie: Well, yeah. But Cassandra is classier, don't you think? I mean, like, you can't see Prince William marrying somebody called Cassidy, can you? So please call me Cassandra.

Pythia: I'll call you Danni, in honour of one of our former vice-presidents renowned for his intellectual attainments.

Cassie: Cool!

Pythia: Anyway, I called you over because I think it's time you were given your first field assignment.

Cassie: Mega cool! What do I have to do?

Pythia: Simple. Check into this motel - here's the address - and take a shower.

Cassie: And then?

Pythia: That's it.

Cassie: Hey, wait a minute! Why do I have to take a shower? There aren't going to be a lot of pervy old men watching through peepholes, are there?

Pythia: You wound me! Of all the suspicious, paranoid... How could you possibly believe that I would do such a thing to you? I... I'm speechless!

Cassie: Wellll... okay, I'll do it.

Pythia: Good girl, Danni!

Cassie: Only don't call me that. Or Cassidy either. From now on it's Cassandra, okay?

Pythia: Okay.

Cassie: Good. When do I start?

Pythia: Now's as good a time as any. Hop along, Cassidy. WHOO HA HA HA HA ha ha ha ha ha!

Cassie: Ooh! You are so scummy sometimes!

[A little later]

Sibyl: I'm back, girls! Anybody here? Oh hello, Pythia. Where's Cassie?

Pythia: She's gone to take a shower.

Sibyl: In the middle of the working day? Well, really! That girl is such a flibbertigibbet!

Pythia: Not to worry. I've come up with a solution.

"Dear Norman,
I feel it is inappropriate for me to advise you in this situation. You know what they say: Mother knows best.
Love and kisses, Auntie Ora"