Dear Aunt Ora,

Listen - confidentially, just between us - can you really get herpes from a squid?

Sibyl: I'm afraid that it's come to our attention that the question you recently submitted is in violation of our standards and policies directives.

Cassidy: And it's gross!

Pythia: Typical, just bloody typical.

Sibyl: Sadly, we inform you that we may be required to reject said offending question.

Cassidy: I am SO not cleaning it up either!

Pythia: You expect me to go near it?

Cassidy: You're the Outdoorsy one. You should be used to dealing with things like that.

Pythia: Only when I have some grass I can scrape my boots on.

Sibyl: Now ladies, there is no cause for rudeness.

Cassidy: Well, he started it!

Sibyl: ENOUGH! Now where was I? Ah yes.

Pythia: (jinx!)
Cassidy: (no fair!)

Sibyl: Please be so kind as to remove the offending question about American politics at your earliest convenience. Thank you, kindly.

Auntie Ora.

Now what's next on the list?

Pythia: Someone's asking about squids getting herpes.

Sibyl: That's more like it.



Pythia, why is Ms. McBlonde trying to touch her tongue to her nose?