Dear Auntie Ora;

Can humpback whales really fly when a supernova appears in the sky?

Certainly they can! But not as well as pigs.
Yours faithfully--

"I don't get it. That can't be right. Pigs can't fly."

I know that, Cassie dear.

"Well, then what you're telling him is wrong. You're not supposed to do that, are you? I mean, that's like lying, right?"

Of course I'm not lying. I'm just fooling around a bit. I don't expect the customer to actually believe me.

"What, you mean it was, like, a joke? Are we supposed to do jokes? I thought our job was to provide information?"

Normally, yes. But this wasn't really a serious question, you see, so I thought a little levity...

"But, but, but I can't do jokes! Nobody said I had to do jokes when I applied for this job! I've never been able to do jokes! All the other kids at school used to make fun of me because I didn't get any of that business about elephants sitting on acorns and ten-inch pianists and crocodile sandwiches and nuns rolling down hills and, and..."

Cassie, calm down! Cassie! CASSIE! Good gracious, girl, you're hyperventilating! Calm down! Breathe slowly! In - Out! In - Out! There - is that better?

"Yes, Sibyl." *sniff*

Honestly! What a lot of fuss over...

"You're not going to make me answer any questions about flying whales, are you, Sibyl?"

No, dear. And don't worry - Pythia and I, we'll never expect you to make a joke, either.