Dear Aunt Ora

Current technology prevents me from going too far into the perplexing theories surrounding the temporal mechanics that diverge, coalesce, and form within and are specific to this particular gravity well, so I'm afraid I can only say that I have no idea. Do - you- have the time?

I'm not quite sure. Cassandra recently redid the office filing system again and I am afraid that she's gone off to the mall in search of some aroma therapy candles. I do so wish I had never suggested to her to make herself more useful. Pythia, dear, I am going into the filing room for some time, please be a dear and mind the door?

Pythia: Right-o, Sybil!

Thank you. Ah, now, where to begin? If I were as scattered as young Ms. McBlonde, what would I use to organize the files this week? Date? No, far to practical. Customer Name? No, far too easy. Bother, let me just start looking...

Let's see,

- One nail polish covered map. I must remember to have Cassandra replace this.
- One package of Beef Jerky with an Indian on the front. Ah, so it's not a bird!
- One receipt for a tigress outfit.
- One pack of matches from the Vatican, oh, yes, must get these to Sister Margaret.
- One complete set of Russian language tapes, apparently unused.
- One dried squid in a zip lock bag.
- One poodle extractor.
- One picture of Steve Irwin. Hmm, I think I might hang on to this myself.
- One papyrus pompom.
- One inter dimensional translator gizmo.
- One manual for the Parental Control Filter.
- Half of a pizza delivery bill.
- One receipt for two six foot Poles
- One Hydrogen Guy comic book.
- One woodchuck pelt.
- Two small beady eyes attached to a long brown body holding a crude knife.

Oh dear.

Ah, excellent shot Pythia!

Pythia: No worries, Sybil.

But back to your query. At this moment, I am not sure if we do have the time. In fact, I'm not sure I know where the time went. I will continue to try to find the time, but I'm not sure I have the time. I would hate to think that one of us had lost the time or wasted the time. I will see to it that you are only billed for the time we have, unless we've run out of time.