Dear Aunt Ora

So this Ferengi picks up this Romulan disruptor and points it at me, and I think to myself, "Damn it, I'm as dead as a legion of Binars whose sun just went nova." Suddenly, though, there's this transporter beam, and five Starfleet officers appear out of thin air ... well, from their ship, anyway. So they open fire on the Ferengi, but of course they can't hit worth a pile of deuterium, so I know I'm sunk. Luckily I'm able to grab a disruptor off one of the Ferengi whilst he's distracted, and it's not too long before I've blasted my lobe-endowed former captors into their component atoms. However, Starfleet grabs me, and they won't release me to my ship unless I answer one crucial question for them: Why is Star Trek so popular?

Pythia: Well, I gotta admit, that's the worst bar joke I've heard in quite a while!

Cassie: Pyth, I think he's one of those Trekkie types?

Pythia: Oh, I don't think so. Normally a lad on walkabout doesn't fire off questions.

Cassie: No, I mean he's one of those nerdy guys who dress up like aliens and point rayguns at each other. I saw one like him at the mall yesterday when I was looking at a pair of shoes over at the new shop, you know the one next to the place that's got that cute little blue dress in the window, the one with the spagetti straps. No, not the shoes, the dress! Anyway, the shoes were a pair of cute mules that had this really neat pattern on the strap, and they'd go so well with the jacket I got last week. Oh, you know, the leather one with the houndstooth lapels that I got from the Limited when I got that sweater with the flowers on the...

Pythia: Cassie, is this going to get somewhere?

Cassie: Is what going to get somewhere?

Pythia: What does this story have to do with "trekkies"?

Cassie: I don't know! Why do you want to know about Trekkies?

Pythia: Because of the question....

Cassie: Oh, Yeah! Nevermind him, he's a geek.

Pythia: A geek? Right, thanks Cassie.
Now, to you sir.
Me Woman.
You Geek.
Me no date You.

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