Ladies, you gotta help me! My boss says I hafta get this here package to Cleveland absolutely positively overnight or it's MY JOB! But it's past midnight and all I've got is half a pack of cigarettes and a full tank of gas.
Pythia? Oh Pythia, dear?
Forget it! No way! I know what you're after.
What, Sibyl? Tell me, tell me! If she won't do it, you *know* I will! Please, pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease-
Cassie, that'll be quite enough of that, thank you.
B-b-b-but she always gets-
Thank you dear. Now, Pythia, as I was saying...
Uh-uh! Not after last time. Even thinking about those little bastards gives me the willies. You expect me to go down to the basement **again** and organise a special delivery? Hah!
But Pythia, darling, the weasels are all gone, aren't they?
*I'm* not keen to take the chance. <brightens> Hey! Why don't we send HER? She coped all right last time and she's already had the rabies shots because of that stupid Labrador incident.
Labradors are so *not* stupid!

Pythia and Sibyl together: Shut UP, Cassie.

Now, Pythia, you know what the RSPCA said after last time. If we use anyone who is not fully qualified to deal with sentient rabid weasels, they'll get Steve Irwin to ban us completely from even *visiting* the set while they're shooting. And you're the only one with even remotely the right certificates.

What was that, dear?
Well, when you put it like *that*... I s'pose I could at least poke my head in and have a look around.
That's my girl! Just as a treat, I think we can get this client to ante-up for that new, er, "Weaselator" you were thinking about.
<Pythia chirps up considerably at this>
Really? Wow, that'd be great! You know how I love my shotgun, Sibyl, but there was just a bit too much collateral damage-
Just a little, dear.
-when they tried that tripwire thingy. But the Weaselator will stop 'em, no worries at all!
Erm, Pyth - what's a Weaselator?
Only the greatest rodent-ridding device ever! You've seen me use the shotgun?
Yes, and it's gross.
Yeah, well, the Weaselator is heaps better. It uses only piddly little .22 cartridges instead of 12-gauge shells, but it fires them eleven times faster than I can crank that ol' pump-action.
Sounds even *more* gross.
Not to mention even more packing cases shredded.
Nah, nuthin' like that! Instead of bullets, it shoots little bags of iron filings. Won't go through a packing case, but it'll sure splatter those bleeding ferrets.
Weasels, dear. Well, that sounds like a plan. Just pop down the street to that nice Mr Browning and see if he has something in a nice pastel pink.
Sibyl! Powder-coated black or nickel-plated only. Sorry
Oh. Then I think black would be best. Especially if you'll be wearing it out at night. Black is de rigeur for evening wear here at Delphic Research Inc.