Dear Auntie Ora;

I've seen such books as "The Tao of Pooh" and "The Te of Piglet". What is it about stuffed animals that makes people want to emulate them?

Cassie stretched out on her four-poster with full-length sheer pink drapes, and reached for one of her fluffy toys. Her date looked on in deep envy as she cooed and squeezed the inanimate thing.

Dammit, she was drop-dead gorgeous and barely owned two braincells to rub together, and then she liked her stuffed rabbits better than -him-? He had paid puddles of sweat for those muscles, and the solarium hadn't been cheap, either. Oh well, it couldn't be helped. Perhaps he should give up this boring, non-scoring stud life, and return to his writer's career. At least, with his new looks, he'd be sure to get chicks at those Bohemian publishers' parties.

He didn't slam the door as he left. She wouldn't have noticed anyway.