So, Ladies... How much wood would a woodch--


Pythia! Stop that! Stop that at ONCE!

Now put it down!

Ms DiStefano! Put the "Weaselator"(tm) down NOW!

Put it down or I'll tell Mr Irwin that you were meeting that Chuck War(tm) fellow the other night.

I would. Believe you me, young lady, I would.

Thank you. Now, would you care to explain yourself?

You thought it was a *what*?

Don't be silly, dear. It doesn't look remotely like one.

It's too big, dear.

What do you mean "Isn't that what the 'S' stands for?"

Oh, I see. No.

I meant, "No, that's not what the 'S' stands for."

No, the 'S' definitely does not stand for 'size'.

Because they're weasels, dear. They're strangely shaped and not very big. The 'S' stands for 'shape'.

Of course, Pythia darling. A mistake anyone could make.

You're welcome. Just for future reference, "Weasels are Mustelids Of Unusual Shape, woodchucks are merely big rodents."

Now, get Cassie and re-glaze the door with:
"Delphic Research Incorporated
--- Answers to all unusual queries, fast, reliable, and cheap. ---"

No, just glitter paint this time. Gold leaf is far too expensive not to be more, erm, resistant.