Dear Auntie Ora;

I'm basically an idea person, but I keep getting swept under the rug by manager-types telling me that "a good idea is no match for a bad habit." However, they never can seem to come up with any good examples. Someone named "Charlie" told me that you can help me to understand this. Can you?

Pythia: Charlie has a bad habit of telling people that we can help them understand.

Cassie: Yeah, but he's cute.

Pythia: Shut-up Cassie!

Sibyl: Right. What our legendary sharpshooter, here, is trying to say is that "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink."

Cassie: Charlie's like a horse in so many ways. Especially when he...

Pythia: Shut up Cassie!

Cassie: You're just jealous because you couldn't make him drink.

Sibyl: Ladies! Not in front of the client. Thank you. Now where was I? Ahh yes, the point is that while we can cite an example for you, we cannot make you understand it.

Cassie: I have a good idea. Let's go shoe shopping.

Pythia: Oh god. I think I need a drink.

Sibyl: There you have it, and please kindly take note of the 'expenses' portion of your bill.