Dear Auntie Ora;

When two men wrestle wrists
and forgo use of fists
that's arm warring?

Oh, I do so love the oldies!

When you take out your drill
And with holes some pork fill
That's ham boring

I quite like - rode a motorbike
Rode a motorbike - that young tyke
Peter Fonda
Then there's him - name was Jon or Jim
Name was Jon or Jim - he was in
(Makes you wonder!)

When your email in-tray
Overflows every day
That's spam pouring
When in tennis you win
The first point, the score's then
Fifteen - love

When there's leeks on the menu
Each dinnertime, there's no
You're not in Italy
That's not old Napoli
That's Glamorgan!

"Okay, Cass. On the count of three, I'll bring her down with a tranquiliser dart, you send for the men in white coats."