Presidente Del Curso de la Vida: Richard Fitzpatrick (A)

Hailing from Gawdzone Land, our Fearless Leader (FL) Richard 'fostered' the QC from its inception, a mere idea, to its eeevil delivery and beyond.He was once quoted as saying "It's been festering for more than two years, but finally I came out and DID it."Presumably, he was not only referring to that hideous boil on his bum. While Americans were busy tallying and retallying their votes, Richard's contributions to the direction of the effort easily earned him the title of President and Fearless Leader (FL, QC) by defining the goals of the group and then, via paranormal powers maintaining focus among its members.

Consultant Extraordinaire: Al Sharka (I)

The expertise of Mr. Sharka could be bested only by The Internet Oracle himself.Timeless experience with rhod, the Oracle, Usenet and life experience are the sobering qualities that Al brings to the QC.His capacity to comprehend and propagate ambiguity and his good looks make him the highest paid of the Continuum’s members (Well, that and the title of consultant.)

Vice President in charge of slapping mirrors on the walls and hanging crystals all over the place: George W. Delacey (J)

Mr. Delacey is the group’s Feng Shui manager.With comments such as “we should huddle before going too much further” and “Why not wait,” George lends the calming influence that keeps our Fearless Leader from reaching through the net and dog–walloping blinkered priests.He also contributed “I left my Harp in Sand Crab's Disco” which broke the punometer, forcing GW to work without a paycheck for years to come. 

Spokesmodel: Henriette (G)

With fantastic fervor for the capable femmes,
and a flair for fighting naysayers
This feather capped Finn faces flames in the night
with firmness preempted by prayers
Her passion possesses a positive periphery,
so proceed if you fancy in fun.
But prepare for the pace and the presence of plants,
of poetry, prose and of pun.

Vice President in charge of High Volume Production:Jim Evans (F)
From the vaults of one of the “University of Ottawa's more obscure basements,” we obtained the “Turing Machine” known as JIM.  Favorite JIM quote:Yeah, yeah, I know. All going towards building my reputation as a raving egomaniac, utterly unable to carry out something in secrecy without leaving clues to my identity in hopes that they'll be recognized and lauded with praise, yada yada yada.”

VP in charge of "There is no Job Title" JR Conlin, (H) (aka.Technoatheist, TA, Slappy the Weaselboy, The Guy with the friggin' monkey obsession, Nosferatu, Web Lackey, etc. etc.)

"Now, all we need is a really bad joke that we can stretch into a subplot (thus making the series as a whole more (less?) valuable)" This comment became the QC mishun st8ment. TA providesthe group and endless supply of droll subject matter. He taught Screwtape about the various types of bars. He threatened us with a 20 year old story: "I saw a sinister looking shadow behind the frosted glass when reflexes got the better of me and I fired three slugs at the door. Sadly they weren't sticky enough and slid right off" As a contributor TA's where it's AT! (and we'll be putting up proper barricades and warning signs shortly)

ContractorMycroft; The Masked Molerat (D)

Operating as virtually the entire staff, Mycroft (citizen of the quasi-independent Eurostate of Derbyshire) produced considerably more material for the Continuum than was strictly necessary or even desirable. He draws on his long experience of writing children's pantomimes for achieving just the right balance between sophisticated wit and intellectual titillation in his oracularities. Given to occasional unprovoked outbursts of "I am not a number, I am a free mammal!" and wondering why Patrick McGoohan never thought to carry a pin with him. His wife snores Brittany Spears tunes, and his daughter is studying for a degree in Hannibal Lector.  His efforts received comments from other members such as "Oh, that my crap were that good" and "Molerat, you are truly awesome."


One of the beautiful people; Nol Smi (K)

Nol really doesn’t do much for the QC, besides bring coffee and chocolate to the board member meetings and grace the group with his gorgeousness. He also sports the role of idea man, genre “Nightshift,” that gives the others in the group a more firm foundation for their own beliefs, and was responsible for the QC bios.

Chief Cat Herder - Something that proved his parents had an odd sense of humor - Piece of the Universe (E)

Uncomfortable with the original chaos-based method of subject matter development, Piece is the "take charge" character that organized the thoughts of the other members, documented the direction the QC was taking, and kept the pace of the project intact. Potu calls California home, but the state has not made any comments in response to those charges, possibly due to it's suffering occasional black-outs..


Quality Control Consultant - Screwtape, Tim Allen (C)

This world class predator-raptor provides constant feedback to the Continuum through his well honed ability to pic nits.He opened minds by posing questions such as “How many reasons can there be for not wanting to be unfavourably compared with a farm animal?”


Vice President in charge of starting answers with lines better than “It was a dark and stormy night.” Trog, Tim Wren (B)

Another bloody pom, one with a fertile understanding of the English language and a nifty sense of humour, Tim adds value to the group via effective contribution to the DRI story.Famous quote: “this was really just an excuse to use the expression "swinging his thurible"”.


Lifesize cardboard cutouts:  We use them to ward off the crows mostly. (That and they were all dinged up and the store wouldn't accept them back)

Tom P Harrington; Goat Howler

Matt Kerbel

Daniel Macks