Delphic Research, Inc.

Delphic Research, Incorporated (DRI), is an independent information consultancy dedicated to finding answers to questions that leave Google and AltaVista gaping, and solving problems that appear insoluble to mere mortals. Our professional and courteous staff will deal with your requests swiftly, discreetly and, above all, cheaply (NB: everything is relative).


Proprietess and Chief Executive of DRI, Sibyl is the proper voice of reason and etiquette in these barbarous times. She has been here since Day One (possibly of the company, probably creation). Rumors of a youthful dalliance with Steve Irwin have never been verified. Although other Delphi employees are allowed to respond to queries, Sibyl is the one who usually sits down to do it, mostly because she is the only one who doesn't have to look at the keyboard to type. She is reputed to have a stare that can open an oyster at 20 paces.




Pythia is a hard-livin', hard-drinkin' adventurer who in no way resembles Lara Croft. She is DRI's field operative. Apparently Australian in origin, she specializes in beating answers out of people, literally, even when this is not strictly necessary. She harbors a secret crush on Steve Irwin. Her expense sheet is the principal reason that DRI is still a not-for-profit organization.




Cassie is the office junior. Her full name is Cassidy, though she prefers to be addressed as Cassandra as this has more class. Pythia sometimes calls her Danni for reasons that are not clear. Young, beat and with her finger on the pulse of our times, Cassie doubles as fashion and pop music consultant, and rarely gets to go anywhere fun like Pythia. She thinks Prince William is dreamy.


Legal Statement

Information supplied by Delphic Research, Inc. is given in good faith based on the best evidence that can be obtained freely or extracted by force at the time. Delphic Research, Inc. cannot be held responsible for the consequences of misuse of the information, nor for the information subsequently being rendered less than accurate in some or more facets due to changing social circumstances, acts of god, stock market downturns or George W. Bush. In no event shall Delphic Research, Inc., or any of its employees, be liable for any direct, special, incidental--

Ah, what the hell. Look, just don't give us any trouble or we'll send Pythia around to rip your arms off, capiche?