Roit, welcam ta the office, mate. Mah name's Pythia. We'll be roit with ya. Careful if ya start clickin on anythin. No tellin what's buried in this mess.
Internet OracleTM Steve Kinzler
DRI Content © QC Group
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Artwork by Richard Wilson and JR Conlin
Oh, like that hole just totally showed up one day. Ya know, the pointy ears on the duck shoulda tipped me off. Now theyah was an interestin bit, mate. So I got this question about the pope's prviates. Ah Steve, we 'ardly knew you. Granted, we wanted t' know you a lot better. Here be dragons. Or maybe leopards. Definitely a grue. You stare into the possibly angry eyes of a large rat like creature. Strangely, he offers you what appears to be a menu. Eew, archives. That's like where we keep all the questions and stuff. It's got words and things and totally confuses me.