The Beginning ...

I have a serious messing-with-the-Priests'-minds Megaproject in mind... It would take a bit of setting up, but I know we could do it, if most of us could agree on a day to sacrifice a couple of coordinated real-time hours.



<mode=MontyBurns>Excellent! (twiddles fingers together)</mode>

Well, this is the idea:

1. A number of us agree on a time (eg GMT noon/midnight, whatever). I don't know how many we'd need, but probably half a dozen would do it. If anyone happens to know, we could try for a time when the Oracle's queue is slowest (say 1:00AM Pacific Time?).

2. Then, on some signal, we collectively drain the queue - well not "drain" it, but provide *good* content. A snappy short answer where one suggests itself or pick from several pre-existing answers (eg previous incarnations or created-just-for-the-purpose) and tailor them to fit the question.

3. We do this until we all get the "The Internet Oracle has no questions to ask" response (reporting every 10-15 minutes via the list or direct e-mail).

4. THEN we put in place our cunning plan.

Basically, the whole idea is to grab, briefly, control of both the question and answer queues. Keener minds than mine might think^W^W have been thinking of what would be the best thing to do with that control. That is, swamp the Priests with a brilliant series (sequence?) of Q&A pairs that have some pretty discernible link. At least half of them should go WTF?

This is where I need creative input.

It has been said to me:
"So you have devised cunning means to execute a cunning plan, and are now looking for an appropriately cunning plan to be executed? Are you sure you're doing this the right way around? "

The answers are Yes and No, respectively.

The primary issue, for a number of reasons, has been that the content (both the QD and the Q&A series) be of high quality.

This is going to take a while to set up, so to give plenty of leeway, I thought maybe over the Xmas/New Year break or in January.

So, wotcher fink?