The Aftermath

After The Deed, we were giggling like we were nuns without underwear, anticipating the next digest. 1194 came and went - nothing. Hints, like complaints about a recent "dri spell", started to crop up in rhod. We wondered if the priests were trying to out-stare us. Then #1195 hit rho, and [Name removed] hit rhod. We had almost kind of expected that, so we shrugged it off.

However, when two priests chimed in they, too, were hostile to the DRI.. Some of us tried to contain the damage with "yeah, but I kind of liked them." -type posts, but rhod is a heavy ship to turn, and it takes more than just a few gentle prods.

So after putting up with a few more days' worth of negativity, Hetta just couldn't take it anymore and blew her top at rhod. That was the famous "Alright then..." post. It certainly pulled the rug from under any hostile rhodents.

But then came #1196 -- and no DRI oracularities. Now Hetta blew her top at the priesthood, too, and sent this to Kinzler:

"You do realize that the DRI oracularities was a group effort by the very best incarnations to be found on rhod?

I'm sorely disappointed in 1196."

This claim had already appeared in one of Hetta's posts to rhod and raised an eyebrow or two, at least among the QC membership. She said that she thought, at that time, that Kinzler either had gagged his priests, or that he had himself dumped any DRIs that made his digestation inbox. It turned out that he had done neither.

He forwarded that email to the priestly list, though, and that got a few reactions:

Effects on rhod: the s/n ratio in rhod changed noticeably, and "on-topic" ruled, however briefly. The "Drink" cascades dried up and navels were gazed at. Posts earnestly discussed whether an incarnation was for life and not just for Christmas (or something like that) and maybe whether digestion was the ultimate object of using The Oracle. Words like "paradigm" and "secret list" were bandied about without caution. Two (maybe more) previously unheard-of priests plucked up the courage to launch themselves into rhod threads, clutching the obligatory sprig of oregano and providing long-overdue explanations of priestly responsibilities. Regrettably, some folks seemed to forget it is a humor group.

Also, as a direct consequence of a priestly comment during the DRI flap on rhod, Hetta made the NQN TIO user FAQ.

What else did The Deed do? It forged a band of die-hard incarnations together. We lived at close quarters for almost two months. (We do wish that "D" had washed his socks, even once.). As "G" stated: "The QC was the most bizarre bunch of funny people I've ever had the privilege to hang out with. Given the chance to go back in time, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Only, I'd be sure to bring detergents and deodorants, this time. Nono, not for me (I don't need that sort of thing), but for the others."

Currently it seems that most priests consider new DRI oracularities to be straight bitbucket material; that's their loss. In a piece composed on the inevitable meeting of DRI and the Oracle, "H" summed it up thus:

"I've been very impressed by how fast Delphic Research has taken life" the Oracle stated.

"In fact, it's actually rather refreshing. The Internet Oracle has always been about humor, and it's good to see that some have grown the mythos to include new fictional characters, especially ones that seem to have both a rich character background and room to grow. You [Pythia], Sibyl and Cassandra have facets of character that could never be developed with this motley crew.

"And let's face it. It's really up to the incarnation as to how these questions get answered. Whether they use the classic group or Delphic Research, the choice should be made as to which makes the better answer.

"Some will hate you, some will love you, some will just not care, but I'm guessing you ladies will be around for a while. Welcome to the madhouse."

The QC agreed that their work needed a wider audience than the priests and their bitbuckets, so work started on the Sore Loser site to end all SL's. If you got this far maybe you enjoyed the opportunity to review everything. We certainly hope so.

If -you- write a good DRI oracularity send it on over to [email protected] after a month or two, whether it's digested or not. If we like it too, we'll add it to the ones found here.

The QC - We put the 'O' back into 'RHOD'

Abbreviations, for non-rhodents:
DRI Delphic Research, Inc.
QC Queue Continuum, the Conglomerate behind DRI
WTF what the fuck
TIO The Internet Oracle (TM)