Faster than a speeding proton - more powerful than a covalent bond - able to leap tall test tubes in a single bound! Is it Lithium? Is it Helium? No -- it's Hydrogen Guy!

Hydrogen Guy and Deuterium Boy - defenders of Truth, Silliness and the Canadian Way, drinking gourmet hot beverages far beyond those of mortal men. These are their adventures across space, time, and unknown chemical dimensions!

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Hiatus: OVER!

New Installments are comin' your way on the Ongoing Work Stoppage!
Story so far: right here!

Feb. 26th, 2005 2006 2007!

Hey! Anyone still here?

Dr. R. James "JIM" Evans here, and Internet, I hope your heart medication is up to date because the Great Hiatus is done. I'm posting all-new, all-Hydrogentastic installments of the Diatomic Duo's adventures on the Official JIM Blog, The Ongoing Work Stoppage, starting roughly a month ago as of this date - and it's gone well enough so far, with enough promise for the future, that I feel like I can make things official.

The story is called The Files of Hydrogen Guy: Nucleosynthesis!, and aims to brings us up to date on what our heroes and villains have been up to during the Great Hiatus. Watch the The Ongoing Work Stoppage for continuing developments (you may have to sit through other, bloggy stuff between installments; sorry) for updates. All installments to date are summarized here, and there's already a completed Prologue. The posting schedule will not be terribly rigorous - I'm hoping for one or two short scenes per week, time and inspiration permitting. Hey, it's an improvement!

Coming soon, improved html on the Original Series, and an annoucement on the Forum. Provided I can find my password...

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